Giving Back: San Francisco SPCA

After my Giving Back post on Farm Sanctuary, I’m sure that you’ve come to realize that I’m a friend to the animals.

In this latest edition of the 2016 Giving Back series I’m sharing my experience with the San Francisco SPCA. This is an independent, local non-profit that started in 1868 and is still rescuing animals, socializing them, finding them homes, and helping educate the public about animal abuse and cruelty.

Both of my cats are rescues so I definitely have a personal reason to love this organization. While my moustached cat Bones, and his sister Bungie, were found by a friend of mine on the street as a very young kitten, my second cat, Jameson, was rescued from the San Francisco SPCA.

Originally Bones and I lived in a three-bedroom apartment with Bungie and her mom Jac, and they had grand cat adventures in Russian Hill. But when Bones and I were living solo he started getting very angsty at home. Ahhh – The teenage years. He was making tons of noise all night and committing hate crimes while I was a work. {Read: Knocking the screen off the fireplace and tracking ashy footprints all over the ENTIRE apartment.} A friend who was crashing with me at the time suggested a trip to the SPCA to pick out a sibling for him.

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While I was secretly hoping to get an older, well-behaved cat, there were two tiny black kittens that immediately caught our attention. It turned out that they were siblings whose home had recently caught on fire and they’d been turned over to the SPCA while their family focused on relocating and rebuilding.

They were shy, obviously a bit traumatized after their harrowing experience, but they still came out to check on all the people and smell their hands. I knew coming home with two kitten wasn’t the best idea, and was hesitant to split them up, but while we watched a cute couple picked out the male kitten. We stayed and played with the little female, who eventually flipped up her tail {a sign that she was getting comfortable} and nuzzled our fingers.

I was hooked!

Jameson is still an exceptionally shy cat, who hides in the closet when anyone other than my boyfriend or I walk into the apartment, but she’s also sweet, affectionate, and an A+ cuddler with a V-12 motor.

If you’ve never rescued an animal, I highly, highly recommend visiting an SPCA facility next time you’re thinking of expanding your family.

No plans to get a pet right now? You can still get involved! You can volunteer, there are even youth programs, and you can donate here.

Are YOU a rescuer too? Have YOU been to your local SPCA?

And yes – This SPCA write-up was the perfect excuse to go Crazy Cat Lady for a full post. 🙂



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