Questions with Caity – Partie Deux

I received so many fun responses to my first Questions with Caity post that I decided to plan out a few more installations.

So please, please keep the questions coming – You can even leave one down below!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Indiana Jones! I was obsessed. I planned to study history heading into college and wrote my admissions essay to Berkeley about how I wanted to be an adventure anthropologist – a la Indiana Jones – when I grew up.

Where are some of the places you’d love to visit?

I’m a HUGE fan of traveling and a few of the places on my To Do List are Caesarea, Petra, Turkey, and Machu Picchu.

{You can read more about my travel experiences & dreams in these posts: Wanderlust, Wanderlust: Travel To Do List, and Wanderlust: Travel In Style}

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Favorite breakfast foods?

During the week I love having oats with nuts, seeds, berries & protein powder. On weekends it’s either a smoothie before a workout or a giant veggie & soy chorizo scramble on a luxurious, lazy morning.


Biggest pet peeve?


And people who walk slowly on crowded sidewalks. Usually looking at their phones. Groan.

Favorite fruit? Vegetable?

Grapes, pineapple & any and all berries.

And… Spinach maybe? I eat it every single day. Though I must convince that I also get pretty excited about sweet potatoes coming into season.

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