30 Day Challenge

I’m kind of obsessed with Snapchat right now, and one of my favorites is Chinae from GetFitBrooklyn. She just started a very inspiring 30 day challenge of new, healthy habits. Her journey includes tackling the Whole 30, taking daily walks, and meditation, among other things.

So what am I going to try out for my personalized 30 day challenge in August?

I’m going to work on relaxing and on reducing my stress levels. I’m pretty self-motivated when it comes to working out and healthy eating, so what I want to challenge myself to do, is to slow down!

I’ve been lazy when it comes to my meditation and gratitude journaling lately, and down right deficient when it comes to including yoga in my daily life. So for August my goal is to:

  1. Meditate 1-2 times a day
  2. Write in my gratitude journal every morning
  3. Do yoga 2+ times a week

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I’m not a great sleeper so meditation before bed is a great habit for me to get into. But unfortunately when I’m frazzled at night, I tend to forget. So this month will be able making it an important part of my wind-down routine. I’ll also try to squeeze in a morning meditation session, time permitting.


I have a calendar reminder on my computer to jot down an affirmation each morning, but if I’m busy when it goes off, I have a terrible habit of snoozing or dismissing it.

No more!

I’ll be sure to write in my gratitude journal each morning – I love starting the day with some positivity to get things off on the right foot.


I love yoga. Love it.

So why don’t I do it more often? Because I have a terrible habit of choosing sweaty workouts instead. But that needs to stop. Yoga is the perfect way to move on active rest days, especially since I’ve been stressing my body lately with heavy weights and long runs.

So I am challenging myself to make these changes for 30 days.

To make these small improvements to my life daily life, in the hopes that they will outlast the 30 day challenge.

Are YOU up for a 30 day challenge?


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