SF Half Marathon

After loving every minute of the Guardsmen Presidio 10 Mile race that I ran in April I immediately signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon.

And then promptly got side lined by my doctor due to a foot injury.


I love running in general. Even more than just being a wonderful form of exercise, it’s absolutely vital for my peace of mind. It’s how I work off stress and frustration, it’s how I take a break from daily life, and it’s how I put a smile on my face!

Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled with being told to sit on the sidelines for nearly two months while we tried some different treatments on my aching feet.

Towards the end of June I gave a short midday run a try, then headed out on my favorite lake-side trail over the fourth of July weekend for my first “real” run. That means I had roughly four weeks to train for the July 31st San Francisco Half Marathon.

Rather than panic or stress myself out with expectations and fears, I decided to just give myself a break. Physically I knew I was capable of the distance, I work out regularly and have excellent cardiovascular health, and if I could keep my injuries in check, I knew that I’d be fine.

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I intentionally started this post before the race so that I could give honest feedback on my mental and physical states going into as well as finishing the race.

Side note for those of you who are new to MCLV – Welcome! Welcome! – I am a perfectionist. I am a Type A, high achieving, pain-in-the-booty. When I tackle something new – I am ALL IN. So going into this race knowing that I might not do as well as I wanted or even, gasp, not be able to finish at all, is a new feeling.

Here I am, writing down these less than inspirational words, on Saturday, the night before my race… So rather than go into it discouraged or with doubt in my mind – I’ve decided to adopt the oft repeated credo of The Ginger Runner {my favorite ultra-marathoning YouTuber}.

My goal is to have fun and to finish. That’s it.

Post-Race Update:

I did SO MUCH better than I thought I would. I was scared that I’d be disappointed by my time, but I was thrilled when I realized that I finished in 2 hours. My back didn’t bother me at all during the run, though my right foot hurt for a few miles and my left foot made itself felt around mile 11.

So, in summary, I had a blast, loved the beautiful, fog-covered course, and can’t wait to sign up for my next race!

Have YOU ever run a half marathon? Do you have a favorite race in Northern California?


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