Fitness Goals: Splits

Welcome back to my 2016 Fitness Goals series! This is a 4-part series where I’ll be sharing four long-term fitness goals that I’ll be tackling over the course of the year.

In the first installment I talked about my number one goal for the year – Working on my booty. Squats, lunges, and bridges – Oh My!

Next I talked about the LONG TERM goal of staying on top of my personal health by moving every day. Yes – Every single day.

So what’s my third goal to focus on this year? Regaining my left and right splits!

I was a gymnast growing up and have retained a great deal of my flexibility. Toe touches? No problems! Basic yoga moves? Easy peasy Japanesey! But my love affaire with yoga in 2015 reinforced that I had lost some of my flexibility – Namely my forward splits.


Something like this is NOT a quick & easy goal. It’s not something you can just force. It’s a long-term, work-on-it-every-day kinda thing.

So for this goal, in combination with my previous booty goal, I’ll be adding more stretching & yoga to my routine each week. You can also check out more on my yoga goals in my 30 Day Challenge for August!

Some ways I’ll get there? These great stretches!

Do YOU have a fitness goal for 2016? Tell me what you’re working on!



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