Benchmarks: Personal Progress vs the Comparing Game

Charting your personal progress with benchmarks can be an incredibly valuable process. If done properly, it can keep you motivated, let you know when you’ve hit a new best, and allow you to really keep track of your progress.

What’s not helpful? Comparing your progress to someone else’s progress. Not only is this not helpful, it can actually be detrimental to your own progress.

I loved hearing Anna Victoria – Online trainer extraordinaire and founder of the Fit Body Guide program – Tackle this topic recently on social media. She shared this great video and encouraged her followers to adjust their perspectives.

So why is comparing yourself to the Instragram-famous posterchild for bikini bodies not helpful? Because your progress is based on where you started and where you’re hoping to end up. That girl on Instagram is, in this case, utterly irrelevant. I follow TONS of inspirational women on social media – From creating Workout Motivation boards on Pinterest to keeping up with the country-hoping habits of some of the top models on Instagram and Snapchat.

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I get inspired by them and I’m endlessly jealous of their travel destinations – But I don’t compare myself to them.

Do I have days where I’m utterly unmotivated? Hell yes. Days when all I want to do is crash on the couch with a book and skip my workout? Absolutely. Days where I look at some perfectly curated social media account and feel like a defeated, disorganized mess? Oh yea!

Get inspired and motivated by the impressive men and women out there in the world – But don’t expect to become them.

So what are some good benchmarks to try on for size?

  • Following your goals for a certain number of days
  • Hitting a goal weight or size
  • Lifting a certain amount at the gym
  • Running a set distance
  • Completing a race or competition

All of those are great ways to motivate yourself and to keep yourself going – And they’re all based on YOUR goals and YOUR body.

Tell me – What are YOUR benchmarks? How do you gauge your progress?


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