Counting Macros

If you’re a fitness freak like me or a big follower of fitness or food bloggers/professionals, I’m sure you’re heard of macros or counting macros.

No? Check out A Love Squad’s Macros vs Micros for a great breakdown. Basically, rather than counting calories, you’re keeping track of your macro nutrients – Protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

That’s not to say that micronutrients – Vitamins and minerals – Aren’t as important, counting macros is just a different way to look at things. Frequently macro-counting results in very clean food with lots of lean protein, vegetables, and grains like brown rice and quinoa. Obviously I wasn’t going to start eating chicken or fish for this little experiment, so meal prep and planning out my grocery trips were important.

I got a few questions from friends and family about why I wanted to try counting macros. It’s not to lose weight, it’s not to diet. The reasons are really two-fold.

First, I like trying new ways of eating. I feel like everyone has a different ideal diet that suits their body type and activity level. And while a high raw, gluten & dairy free, vegetarian diet has worked well for me for a number of years, our bodies change over time. And how do I know what’s best if I don’t give some other ways of eating a try?

Second, I like to experiment on myself. I’m studying to become a personal trainer right now and considering nutrition-related programs for the future, and I think it’s important to keep an open mind. How can I give suggestions or recommendations if I never try something?

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Over the years I’ve tried full veganism {I’m still mostly vegan with the occasional egg thrown into the mix}, raw, intermittent fasting, carb-backloading, and a modified paleo diet. I truthfully think most of these highly talked about lifestyles have benefits to them, it’s just about finding the right mix to meet your personal needs.

So what’s my plan of attack? I’m going to try two months of tracking macros and keeping an eye on my progress. I did tons of research on this and was trying to piece together a meal plan for myself, only to realize I’d like some help. I follow a number of YouTubers and trainers that track macros so I reached out to favorite of mine for a customized macro plan.

Stay tuned to see me tackle this Brittany Dawn Fitness program. You can find behind-the-scenes meal prep, cooking, and gym shots on Instagram and Snapchat {moicontrelavie}.

Have YOU ever tried counting macros?


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