Meal Prep for Two People

I’ve chatted about Sunday Meal Prep before as well as my Weekly Vegetarian Grocery Shopping List – So today I’m going to give you a peek at what my weekly meal prep looks like for two people eating different diets.

Not everyone who is in the kitchen doing the cooking is going to end eating the same thing as their kids, significant other, or roommates. I had a lot of SSB {Secret Single Behavior} when it comes to meals that I’ve adjusted in recent months. Not eating saltines with jelly over the sink, but more along the lines of… Eating the exact same thing every single day.

I basically only eat three recipes during the week for dinner, and sometimes I’ll stick to one for an entire week before getting sick of it. But I started feeling unimaginative when it came to feeding le bf.

Luckily for me, he’s pretty healthy, prefers simple dishes, and will eat virtually anything I put in front of him. So long as there’s dessert afterwards. 🙂 Another bonus is that he’s fine with chicken or even vegetarian dishes all week, which is good since I haven’t graduated to cooking red meat or fish.

Or even touching it…

I wish I could say that I set aside Sundays like I used to, and spend the day shopping and meal prepping, but I’m usually gone or busy on Sundays so meal prep often occurs Monday after work.


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{Protein Pancakes Two Ways – Follow more kitchen shenanigans on Instagram and SnapChat: moicontrelavie}

A hugely helpful cheat? I started having my groceries delivered!! When you’re going to have everything waiting for you at home, it takes off a lot of the pressure. Here in SF the go-to grocery delivery app is Instacart and I’m a huge fan. {Use the code: CSHREVE22 for a little discount!}

Another good cheat if you travel a lot or don’t have a ton of time? Pre-cooked packets of rice or quinoa {I like Seeds of Change organic quinoa & rice}. All you have to do is heat them up. While I used to make a huge pot of brown rice or quinoa or lentils on Sundays to eat during the week, now I’ll open a packet and just cook as much as needed for that evening.


Since my meals are primarily plant-based, a big portion of prep is cleaning and chopping produce, then separate it into containers. Remember that more fragile vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers don’t have a terribly long shelf-life, so you’ll need to get through them quickly or only chop 1-2 days at a time.

My usual veggies to clean and prepare are:

  • Spinach
  • Romaine Hearts
  • Peppers
  • Celery
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Purple Cabbage {A huge favorite of mine}
  • Cucumber

What’s great about having all these veggies ready for me is that I can eat whatever sounds good at the time. A huge nutrient-dense salad with delicious dressing, or a stir fry with rice, or a roasted veggie bowl with quinoa.

Check out my recent What I Ate Wednesday post for details on my usual dinners.

Meal Prep Cooking for Two Omnivore Vegan Vegetarian Gluten-Free Paleo San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Recipes Dinner Breakfast

{His & Hers Salads}


Next I’ll open a can of kidney beans or garbanzo beans, or unfreeze edamame to add some protein to my salads, along with hard boiling 3-4 eggs for the week.

I’ll also grab 1-2 ziplocks from the freezer with chicken breasts in them to defrost in the fridge. I usually buy a large pack of individually wrapped organic free-range chicken breasts and toss them in the freezer, then defrost as needed for the boy.

I also keep a mini mason jar filled with nuts & seeds that I sprinkle on salads. There’s no set combination, I just refill it based on what’s on hand when it starts to run low. A few favorites are: Sesame seeds, poppy seeds, slivered almonds, crushed pecans, pumpkin seeds & walnuts. Adds a killer crunch!


Brown rice and quinoa are staples, like Seeds of Change, but I’ll mix it up sometimes with faro, barley, or couscous.

I’ve also stockpiled rice and egg noodles for pasta and Eastern-inspired dishes. A super quick & easy go-to for him is stirfrying veggies & chicken with soyaki {Trader Joe’s gold} or a soy sauce based dressing and throwing over noodles or rice.

Easy peasy!

What’s YOUR meal prep like? Do you prep for two?


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