Anywhere Bodyweight Basics

One of the things that I adore about bodyweight workouts? The fact that you can do them virtually ANYWHERE.

On a yoga mat next to your TV. On the carpet of your hotel room. You can even do them by the pool while you’re away enjoying yourself on a fabulous vacation…

They’re versatile, require no equipment, and are a great way to blast some calories and tighten up your core & booty when you only have a few minutes to spare.

You know what that really means? No excuses!

So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite anywhere bodyweight moves that all fitness lovers should master:

Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Elbow-Plank

Low Planks:

  • Benefits – Engages core & glutes
  • Good For – These forearm planks are a life saver if you have wrist issues and can’t quite make high plank work for you
  • Variations – Try low side planks, tapping your toes, or body sawing forwards and backwards a few inches

Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Lunge


Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Modified-Push-Up Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Modified-Push-Up-How-To Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Modified-Push-Up-Tutorial

Modified Push-Ups:

  • Benefits – Arm, shoulder & core will all be engaged
  • Good For – Lean, defined arms
  • Variations – This is the modified version of a standard push-up. Your form should be your number one concern, so focus on keeping your core engaged and maintaining a plank-like form while pushing up and down.

Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Plank

High Plank:

  • Benefits – Strength and balance
  • Good For – Overall conditioning
  • Variations – Try slowly raising each hand and leg while maintaining your balance (called an around-the-world), add in some side planks on each side, or even give yourself a burst of cardio with plank jacks.

Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Squats


  • Benefits – Working your lower body, particularly your quads, hamstrings, and calves
  • Good For – Everything! Squats are one of the best moves you can do – They work your legs, but they also engage your shoulders, back, and abs.
  • Variations – Narrow, plie, sumo, add a kick… They are tons of variations, but be sure to keep your knees from extending in front of your toes when you squat down

Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Plank

Holiday-Stress-Relaxation-Tips-Fashion-Food-Fitness-Lifestyle-Healthy-Living-San Francisco-Bay-Area-Blogger-Yoga-Holiday-Workout-Push-Up


  • Benefits – Working your arms and abs
  • Good For – Giving yourself a burst of explosive movement and engaging a number of muscle groups simultaneously
  • Variations – There’s a narrow stance, with your arms kept by your sides {called a yoga push-up), or wide arms with elbows pointed out. Want some cardio? 10 push-ups, 50 mountain climbers – Repeat that sequence as many times as you can without losing your great form!

Do YOU have a favorite core move?


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