Running Shoe Review: Saucony Guide 9

After a little over a year of foot issues – Read more in The Painful Truth About High Heels – I’ve come to realize just how important my choice of running shoes is for my foot health.

I’ve been rocking not one, but two pairs of Mizuno Wave Inspire 11’s – In mint green and in white – And have enjoyed the brand so far. I’m keeping both pairs, bought in February and in March respectively, since my infrequent running schedule this Spring means they’re still in pretty good shape. I use the white Mizunos for trail running No, I clearly did NOT think that through before my first run, but now they’re basically brown from the red dirt so they’ve been re-purposed and now are ‘officially’ trail shoes. And the minty green pair stay in my office locker for when the mood to run midday strikes.

Saucony Guide 9 Running Shoes Review FitLife Runner San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{Saucony Guide 9}

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, I’m not a girl who is married to a single pair of shoes. I know runners who have one pair of perfectly broken in shoes, and then replace them when they’re too worn. I, on the other hand, like to have different pairs for different activities, distances, or terrains. Not only does this keep the fashion blogger in me happy from an aesthetic standpoint, it also gives me the opportunity to try different brands and styles, as well as making sure I always have enough padding to keep my feet happy.

After completing the San Francisco Half Marathon I rewarded myself with a new pair of Saucony Guide 9’s from a running shop in Marin.

I decided to take September and October as resting and recuperating months with only one run a week. Not only does that give my feet a chance to rest, but I’m also taking the opportunity to try out some new pieces.

So, for my very first running shoe review, I present the Saucony Guide 9!

Saucony Guide 9 Running Shoes Review FitLife Runner San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style


  • Great stability – No ankle rolling or loss of footing during my runs so far
  • Amazing padding – My feet LOVE these babies, I seriously want to wear them every day
  • Durable – I’ve been wearing them 1-2x a week for nearly two months and they still look brand new
  • Cost – I don’t love spending over $100 on running shoes, yet another reason I’ve been a longtime lover of Brooks, but the longevity of these is making them well worth the price tag


  • Something about the heel construction results in my socks always getting pushed down and then the back of the shoe rubs on my ankle, so I end up stopping to pull my socks up. But maybe I just need to wear taller socks?
  • I’d LOVE a less flashy version – All black or all white. What can I say? I’m a fashion blogger at heart.

Summary – They’re really comfortable and I wish I’d worn these from day 1 because I swear I wouldn’t have so many foot issues! I can’t stop wearing them.

Have YOU worn Saucony shoes before? Tell me what your favorite running shoe brand is below!

Stay tuned for a Brooks Launch review!


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