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Today we’re going to chat about beauty treatments. There are so many options these days, from cosmetic surgeries to new and improved lasers, that I thought it would be fun to chat about the procedures that I’ve done and what I’ve loved.

We’ll start with the ones that I’ve really enjoyed and/or seen great results with. Here are three that are fairly simple, and not too expensive, that are a great way to spruce things up as we head into the New Year. And they all happen to be available here in San Francisco at The Social Beauty Co.


I tried my first fake tan this Fall and WOW. Who knew I had muscles under all that paleness? And that was, truthfully, the first thing that I noticed. I had actual muscle definition that wasn’t visible under my pale, marble-like skin. If that doesn’t get you addicted to some bronzing, I don’t know what will.

SBC has an organic “California Girl” spray tan for $50 that gives you just the perfect amount of glow. You pop into the room, undress, and then a very lovely lady comes in and uses a spray gun-type of device to spray you down. Twice. Then you wait a few minutes to dry off, and then you’re free to dress and leave.

If you’re super shy I can imagine that this process could be a little intimidating, but I found it sort of fun to have an expert there with you for the procedure. I peppered her with questions about the whole process and felt informed, as well as tanned, when I left twenty minutes later.

The only downside – Spray tans tend to only last about a week. Though I’m so pale that I swear I could still see mine after nearly two weeks.

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I got a lash extension procedure done once and it was SO MUCH fun – But the cost and the intensive maintenance required meant that it was a one time splurge. I just don’t have time for all the follow-up appointments and couldn’t quite justify the expense for myself…

That being said, my regular routine includes a lash lift and tint at, you guessed it, The Social Beauty Co. These two procedures, which you can book for the same appointment, involve a semi permanent “perm” and tinting of your lashes. I’ve had both of these done at multiple places and SBC is my favorite. The lift especially – You’re in a dim room, laying down, and you get a shoulder rub while the solution is setting! So relaxing, I’ve fallen asleep. Twice.

Depending on your hair texture and the color, you’ll want to repeat this procedure every 4-5 weeks. Though I’ve gone 6 weeks between and survived just fine though.


I’m lucky that I don’t require much in the way of brow maintenance, but my little blond hairs do need a boost with some tint so they don’t disappear. If you’re sick of penciling in your brows every morning, tinting is a good alternative. It’s pretty quick and utterly painless, and I usually book all three “eye” appointments for the same visit. They’ll do the lash and brow tint while you’re seated in the studio, then send you into a back room for the lash lift.

What I really love about these three eye treatments is that they’re not dramatic or permanent, they just give you a fresher, more awake appearance that lasts a month.

Have YOU tried any beauty treatments? Should I try something new?


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