Resolutions, Goals & 2017 Planning

I have to confess that I went back and forth on writing a January post about New Years Resolutions or setting out goals for the year…

On one hand – I am a huge fan of planning and To Do Lists and I definitely spend some time around the end of year doing some much-needed soul-searching. On the other hand, so do most people. And maybe this post would just get lost in the year-end shuffle.

If you couldn’t guess… I decided to write it anyway! Why? Because it’s a tradition that I love, writing down my hopes for the year, and also because this year’s goals aren’t your garden variety New Years Resolutions.

This year it’s simple. It’s about personal growth and self-love.

(1) Stop apologizing

I, like many of you out there, have a nasty little habit. I apologize. I apologize all the time. The first words that pop out of my mouth on multiple occasions every day are: “I’m sorry.” For no apparent reason.

Why? I don’t know. Habit. Conditioning. I’m not sure exactly why, but I am sure that I want to stop.

An apology is an important thing, but I feel like my constant “I’m sorry’s” have practically devalued those words into meaninglessness. And – Let’s be honest, the guy who bumps into me doesn’t deserve my apology. He should apologize to me!

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(2) Focus on Self Love

Last year was a great year for me in terms of refocusing my energies. My goal of simplifying my life meant reducing the physical and the mental clutter. When I stopped spreading myself too thinly, I was able to truly see what mattered to me.

And you know what matters?


I used to feel like it was selfish or self-centered to prioritize myself and my own happiness above all else, but I’ve discovered that you are able to give much more to others when you’re happy and healthy. And you can’t get to happy and healthy unless you give yourself what you need.

That’s different for everyone. For you that could mean getting a monthly massage or planning a spa day, or it could mean making time for the gym or spending time on your favorite hobby.

For me, the goal is to create a healthy self-love ritual to following each night. A bath with delicious smelling candles and lovely oils, meditation, and journaling. It can be quick or it can be long and luxurious, but I want to do those three things as many nights in 2017 as I can manage!

What are YOUR resolutions? What are you planning for 2017? Tell me your goals!


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