Blogger Confessions {XVII}: College Edition

Welcome back to the blogger confessions series! Its been a while… 🙂

This Confessions post is all about college factoids and ridiculousness from my four wonderful years at the University of California at Berkeley.

When I was in college I had very definite plans about joining the CIA. I also wanted to be the first female accepted in the Navy SEALS.

I lived in Rome, Italy for the Spring semester of my Junior year studying Art History. Which, incidentally, was not my major.

While Berkeley was ringed by cute little cafés filled with students studying up a storm, I was a library girl and routinely studied in the smaller History and Classics libraries. Fewer people, more table space, and I frequently needed to locate more arcane texts for my papers and studying sessions.

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I joined UC Berkeley as a member of the diving team but due to an injury – The same spinal injury I’m still dealing with today – I never got a chance to represent UCB in competition.

I wrote an Honors thesis for each of my majors and the subject of my Classical Civilizations thesis is, in part, the basis of one of the novels that I’m working on writing right now. If I had gone straight into a PhD program after my undergraduate program as I’d originally anticipated, it may have been the basis for my dissertation.

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