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After finishing up the Brittany Dawn Fitness 60 Day Challenge during the end of 2016 – I was excited to grab some girlfriends and start the Tone It Up Look for Love Challenge in 2017.

What was great about the Brittany Dawn Fitness challenge was the weekly check-ins. I liked feeling accountable, and knowing that I was going to be taking a picture Monday midday helped me stay on track during weekend shenanigans.

So for 2017 I tried a new kind of accountability – I joined forces with my three best friends and we shared pictures, stories, recipes, and inspiration on a private Facebook page that we made for the challenge.

Not in the mood to workout? It just took one picture of the mother of #TwoUnderTwo working out on the living room floor next to a crib to get my booty to the gym.

Want some inspiration to try a new recipe? Another friend is genius at making tasty, quick vegetarian meals, all the while taking care of her two and half-year old.

And when I started feeling like I’d bitten off more than I could chew with my meditation and self-love resolutions? My friend shared pictures of her meditation and journaling space filled with crystals and good vibes. Knowing she was making the time and effort, while simultaneously juggling a toddler, school, and husband – Always kept me motivated.

And the best part? We’re in four different cities but it felt like we started the year off together! If you’re never tried tackling a challenge with your friends, I highly recommend it.

So how was the challenge itself?


Tone It Up Perfect Fit Protein Smoothie Tone It Up Love Your Body FitLife Fitspo Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Challenge


I decided to buy the bundle for this challenge to help get me in the mood. It included some gear, plus the Body Love Workouts, and the updated Nutrition plan.

The workouts and nutrition plan were great, more on them below, but I don’t know if I’d buy the bundle again. For $198 it included the workouts, nutrition plan, a jump rope, socks, towel, backpack, meal prep containers, and foot sliders.


I worked so hard during the Brittany Dawn Fitness challenge, which included weight lifting 5 days a week, that I wasn’t expecting to get my booty kicked.

But kicked it got!

Turns out, Karena and Katrina teamed up with none other than Jillian Michaels for the Body Love Challenge and they put together some seriously killer workouts. I loved all the compound moves and HIIT routines. They kept you challenged and engaged.

Note: The workouts were videos, so I had to watch them and transcribe the workouts so that I could take a piece of paper to the gym with me.

Tone It Up Perfect Fit Protein Smoothie Tone It Up Love Your Body FitLife Fitspo Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Challenge Zoodles Sweet Potatoes Zucchini Veggie Bowl

Nutrition Plan:

While I didn’t spend a ton of time trying new recipes, this challenge really got me going on my food prep. I spent quality time drafting shopping lists, hitting the grocery store, and prepping meals to take to work each week. I kept things pretty simple with veggie frittatas for breakfast and protein pancakes for post-workout, combined with a protein smoothie and an afternoon snack, I was all set.

Overall it was a great challenge to undertake – I really enjoyed the workouts and the camaraderie, and I’m definitely going to keep up the meal prepping!!

Have YOU ever tried a Tone It Up challenge? Do you have a favorite online trainer or fitness blog that I should look at?


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