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Finding healthy food choices is a challenge when you’re traveling, finding healthy, allergen-friendly foods can sometimes seem like an impossible task. Since I’ve been counting macros and watching my protein intake the last few months, it’s been even more paramount that I find a way to eat well while I’m traveling.

I love traveling and I’ll never give it up, so I’ve had to learn how to prepare in advance for trips to help me stay on track. Here’s a three-part breakdown on how I approach travel and counting macros.

Food Prep:

I like to prep my first meal or two to take with me on a trip, especially if it’s a roadtrip, and put them in a collapsible Tupperware container that can easily be stored while I’m on the road.

Some go-to choices are simple veggie and tofu sautee, roasted veggies, frozen smoothies, and usually a few protein muffins or protein pancakes as healthy snacks.

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{The aftermath of food prep as I get ready for a trip!}

Packing Protein:

Bars, protein powder packets, nut butter, and trail mix are my go-to easy travel snacks. I can always find eggs or salads or roasted veggies while I’m traveling, it’s the vegan protein that’s hard to come by.

A few favorites are No Cow Bars {they were in my January Favorites Round-Up!}, Simply Protein Bars, Protein Chips, raw trail mix, and protein peanut butter.


Before a trip I like to do online research on restaurants and grocery stores. It’s definitely harder overseas, especially in more rural areas, but fairly easy when traveling in the US.

And, if at all possible, I love to have a kitchen on a trip so that I don’t have to eat out for every meal. Airbnb is a great option, picking a place with a kitchen instead of a tiny hotel room.

Do YOU have any tips for finding healthy, whole food sources while you travel? Am I missing any great snacks to try out?


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