Three Simple Clean Eating Tips

Clean eating means different things to different people. But regardless of your diet, it’s always a good idea to try to clean things up and keep your body well-fueled with a healthy diet.

I’m not hear to convert you to veganism or to try to change your mind about what you’re putting in your body. My goal with these clean eating tips are to show you how small changes can help you make strides in your health journey.

Cut Processed Foods:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re probably not going to meet your weight or healthy living goals by eating takeout, microwave meals, or processed “food” filled with sugar, salt, dyes, and chemicals.

Start small, definitely, but you should start!

Step one – Try switching out those highly processed products for fresh, whole foods. Check out my new Eat This Not That series for some tips on how to make some healthy swaps.

Crackling Cauliflower Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo San Francisco Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Travel Blogger Recipe

{Crackling Cauliflower – Vegan & Gluten-Free}

Read Labels:

There are some packaged foods that a clean eater can still rely on – Certain protein powders, protein bars, grains, veggie burgers, and other minimally processed health-oriented products.

So how do you know whether it’s a good idea to eat a particular packaged item?

Read the label!

Are there a million ingredients? Are you unable to pronounce any of the chemical additives? Is the first ingredient cane sugar? Those are all ways to clue yourself in that an item isn’t going to be the best choice. A small number of whole food ingredients is what you should look for on the label of an acceptable packaged food item.


Making your own food at home {or in your office, or dorm, wherever} is important to meet your goals. You want to start with fresh produce and whole foods – But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simple salads, stir fries, or tray bakes can be quick, easy, and satisfying.

Try to formulate a meal around hitting the following items: (1) Produce – Fresh is better, but frozen is better than nothing! (2) Protein – Meats, eggs, beans, seeds, lentils, tofu, or veggie burgers. (3) Whole Grains – Brown rice, quinoa, Ezekiel bread, amaranth etc.

There are a million options and combinations – Just try to hit those three groups, add some seasoning {spices are better than pre-made sauces, but if you try a bottled sauce be sure to check the ingredients}, and eat raw or cook to your liking.

And I promise you, by following these three tips you can dramatically change your lifestyle and start meeting your goals.

What do YOU think of these tips? Are these changes you can implement?


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