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Miss Ashley of A Lady Goes West has appeared here on MCLV a few times before – Bay Area Fitness: A Lady Goes West & Blogger Meet-Up – Orange Theory – And I’m beyond thrilled to be chatting about her new eBook today!

She recently released a beautifully written and insightful story of her journey through health and fertility in the eBook – Fit & Fertile: How I Found my Body’s Fitness from the Inside Out.

What I appreciated most about this was the bravery behind the telling of the story.

Fertility is a deeply personal topic and for many people it carries a certain amount of self doubt. People blame themselves and are ashamed to talk about it. But the truth is, it’s a much more common concern than we realize and I fully believe that the more people talk and share their stories, the less taboo the topic will become.

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So what kind of topics does Fit & Fertile cover? It covers a lot of ground, including the very emotional and stressful inner struggle that parents-who-want-to-be go through while trying to get pregnant. The part that I found especially interesting was how Ashley went the non-traditional way and turned to holistic remedies, dietary shifts, and changes to her fitness routine to help with the process.

If you’re interested in fitness or nutrition, fertility, or know someone who is impacted by these topics, I highly recommend taking a look at this ebook and joining the conversation!

Fit & Fertile: How I Found my Body’s Fitness from the Inside Out


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