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Blue skies and warmer weather mean one thing to me – It’s time to get outside! When the rainy, cold days of San Francisco Spring are further and further apart, I like to start taking my fitness outside.

All year long, I enjoy socializing with friends in active, healthy ways – Check out some tips in Social Fitness & Workout Dates. During the colder, darker months it’s all about Barre and Barry’s Bootcamp dates to catch-up. But this time of year – We can head outside for fun fitness dates!

Here are three of my favorite ways to head outside, stay fit, and spend quality time with friends or family, all at the same time.

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This is a family affaire.

My extended family’s favorite activity is hiking. Our holidays usually begin with a hike – Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to all meet somewhere for a hike followed by brunch. I also spent a good chunk of my childhood hiking around Northern California with my parents and brother. And my dog Molly. And on top of all that familial programming, one of my best friends is basically a professional hiker.

As an avid walker, I’m beyond lucky to live in the Bay Area – I can walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, get lost in the Presidio, or wander for hours in Golden Gate Park, just as easily as I can drive to the Marin Headlands or south of the city to a handful of state and national parks.

The options are endless and there’s a walk to be had regardless of how much time I have available and whether I’d prefer roads or trails.


Outdoor Bootcamps:

Regardless of where you live, there’s probably a crop of outdoor bootcamps springing up this time of year.

I regularly see three different bootcamps on my walk home – A kettlebell class on the Embarcadero, a mommy fitness group meeting in the park near Brannan Street Wharf, and a bodyweight HIIT class in the Financial District.

These are great because they offer a variety of styles of workouts – From resistance bands to bodyweight to kettlebells – And usually no membership is required, just a one-time drop in fee when you have time for a class. So take some time and do a little research on your city to see what’s available!

Running Stairs:

While I love running and enjoy a group run on occasion, I’ve found that most of my friends – Even the ultra fit ones – Don’t love running as much as I do. Turns out, there are fitness-minded people and then there are runners, and it would seem that those are two separate though occasionally intersecting groups. 🙂

That being said, however, I have discovered that even people who can’t/won’t go for a long run can appreciate the benefits of stair sprints! Planning an early morning stair run/interval session is always a popular activity this time of year.

Bonus points if you can turn your stair sprints into a HIIT workout! Add a little circuit of jumping jacks, squat jumps, and alternating reverse lunges after each stair sprint.

What’s YOUR favorite healthy outdoor activity?


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