2017 Fitness Adventures: Orangetheory Fitness

Trying out new workout studios is a favorite pastime of mine. What’s even better is finding great new fitness spots near my apartment or office. After discovering Avant-Barre down the street from home, I was excited to try out Orangetheory Fitness in the Financial District.

Such a super convenient location. Not only nearby if you’re working in the Financial District, but super close to Embarcadero BART as well!


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The Low Down:

This HIIT workout, somewhat like Barry’s Bootcamp, pits you against both weight training circuits and strenuous cardio bursts on a rowing machine and treadmill for an hour.

Let’s just say – It’s a killer workout!

It was strenuous, but since you’re moving between parts of the gym after each circuit you get brief reprieves that keep you from tapping out.

Also, if you’re like me, this type of atmosphere really brings out your love of competition and pushes you even further than you planned.


I really enjoyed the space – From the lobby to the gym layout, the studio had a great flow.

What I especially liked about this workout was the shift between different machines and moves. You stay engaged and entertained without getting bored or overly fatigued.


What’s great about these HIIT-style workouts is how customizable they are. Each individual portion of the workout can be adjusted based on your needs, capabilities, and any injury you may have. Can’t do full range push-ups? Go down to your knees. Not able to do 20lbs? Pick up a 5lbs weight instead. Too sore or tired to sprint on the treadmill? You can jog or speed walk. You never have to go harder or faster or heavier than you’re comfortable with.

And while there’s only one instructor for the class, you can mention to them ahead of time any injuries or concerns you have, and they’ll give you some pointers and keep an eye on you during the class.

Have YOU tried a Orangetheory class before?


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