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I’ve talked about travel and my packing tips in the past, so in honor of the start of Summer, I thought I’d tackle a warm weather packing list for your trips this season.

When it comes to packing – I am a minimalist. I want to have everything that I need, obviously, but nothing more. I never check my bag and will plan my outfits ahead of time.

Below is my packing list for a five day Summer trip. I’ll be driving rather than flying, which always gives you a touch more flexibility in terms of packing. 🙂 The weather will be in the high 80’s so take that into consideration if you’re personalizing my list for your needs! https:


In general, I’ll keep things basic when it comes to beauty products. If I’m flying, I’ll check my ziplock to ensure that I have all of my essentials and see if I have any great new samples to add. When I’m taking a road trip, I’ll take my full-sized daily rotation.

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What’s on YOUR Summer packing list?


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