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Hello all my skin care junkies!

This month’s best skin care products were, without a doubt, the Skinny & Co.’s Vanilla Sugar Scrub and Calming Facial Oil. These were AMAZING. I loved absolutely everything about them from the coconut oil-based ingredients to the smell to the impact they had on my skin.

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Application – For this duo, first you use the scrub as a full-body exfoliator and then you apply the facial oil as a moisturizer. Both go on easily and you can actually use the calming facial oil as a make-up remover, cleanser, and a moisturizer. Three-in-one!

Immediate Results – The first thing that you’re going to notice is the smell. The sugar scrub smells AMAZING. Like a yummy coconut dessert. You’re left feeling soft and supple after a few minutes of luxurious exfoliating. Your skin will also feel pleasantly moisturized because of the oil.

I was a little nervous about the facial oil. I’ve been trying more oils this year, but I always wonder before trying a new one if this will be the one that breaks me out. Luckily I’ve had nothing but wonderful results from this. The scent is extremely calming, sort of like how you smell after a wonderful massage, and it goes on really easily. I was surprised by how quickly it absorbs as well, your skin just feels soft after a few minutes, not oily at all.

Thoughts – While I loved the smell and the results, I think I might actually love the ingredient list for these two goodies even more… Crazy right? These two products take raw beauty to a whole new level. The scrub is made up of coconut oil, vanilla bean, and coconut sugar, while the facial oil contains coconut oil and therapeutic-grade essential oils: lavender, Roman Chamomile & Holy Basil. Isn’t that amazing?

And bonus – You can actually EAT the scrub. It’s 100% edible. And trust me, with the amazing smell, you’re going to want to!

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Have YOU ever used raw coconut oil in your beauty routine?

Note: This blog post was sponsored by Musely, however my opinions are my own.


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