#GoFitYourself | Top Tips to Improve Recovery

Whether you’re amping up your workout routine to get ready for Summer, training for a race, or just staying healthy – Promoting recovery will aid in your goals.

If you can bounce back from a workout that means less debilitating soreness and that you’ll be able to fit in more training days.

Here are my top tips to help improve and quicken your recovery time.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but sometimes when you’re stressed or extremely sore, sleep can elude you. But, in reality, sleep is your number one ally. Your body regenerates and builds muscle at night, so try to make sure that you’re creating a calming bedtime routine, and getting those zzz’s.

Doctor’s orders!


Staying properly hydrated is an extremely important step on the road to speedy recovery.

Drinking enough water can help you avoid cramps, flush out toxins, and assist with reducing muscle swelling. All of those are painful side effects of hard work at the gym – And all of them can be alleviated by consuming enough water regularly.

Whole Foods:

What you eat before and after a workout will not only fuel your efforts, but also help your body bounce back. By fueling your muscles with whole foods and fresh produce you’ll be able to replenish your glycogen stores and ensure your body has maximum energy available for healing.

When you eat processed and chemical laden foods your body can actually expend more energy breaking the food-like substances down than it gets from the meal in return. You want to focus your attention on eating “net gain” foods – Healthy, whole foods that will be easy for your body to digest and offer a plethora of energy and nutrition.

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Epsom Salt Bathes:

I am a huge fan of Epsom salts and take bathes with them multiple times a week. A few of the benefits are that they draw toxins out of your body through the skin, relax the muscles, and help reduce swelling.

Trust me, they’re the perfect way to end a day where you put a great deal of stress on your body. I love both the Eucalyptus and the lavender versions!

Rolling & Stretching:

When you’re sore the last thing in the world you want to do is roll out those muscles. Trust me – I know. But you still need to do it.

I try to do 5-10 minutes of stretching and rolling before or after my midday workouts Monday through Friday. And during a particularly tough training week, I may dedicate an entire session to just stretching and rolling.

The song was right – You’ve got to be cruel to be kind!

What’s YOUR top recovery tip? Any tricks you’ve picked up and swear by?

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