Disaster Relief: How YOU Can Help

Around the country right now people are struggling to recover from the recent disasters while others are trying to figure out how they can support the relief efforts. A friend of mine recently put together a well-written, well-researched piece on how people can help and I wanted to share it with everyone else who is trying to do their part right now.

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To my Friends and Family:

I’ll keep this as brief as possible.

Its difficult and time-consuming to figure out how best to donate our dollars and/or time in an impactful way. Best intentions can easily go to waste, or worse, to fraudsters.

In light of the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, I’ve attempted to tackle this question:

What is the most impactful way I can alleviate the suffering caused by hurricanes?

This is what I found:

  1. In the immediate aftermath of an event, THERE IS USUALLY A GREATER NEED FOR MONEY THAN FOR VOLUNTEER HOURS.
  2. There are many meaningful, needy, and impactful places to give your money.
  3. If you don’t have a specific cause that you believe strongly in, but still want to help, donating to a respected and established fund is probably the best course of action.

If you would like to donate ASAP, these are some funds that I would recommend:

These are the causes that I donated to personally:



If you want to volunteer, this will be a huge help, though likely more so in the coming months (and years):

Please feel free to share this post with anyone who may be interested in supporting these efforts, and remember, everything helps.


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