September Favorites | Autumn Preparation

Hello, my name is Caity and I love Autumn.

Perhaps, as a Scorpio, I was destined to love this time of year, but there are so many things to love that I may have gone that way regardless of the date of my birthday.

I love the falling leaves, I love the changing weather, I love breaking out scarves and jackets and boots.

Here’s my Autumn preparation list that I started working on this month to get me ready to enjoy my favorite season in style and comfort.

Seasonal Tea:

My tea drawer still has some of my favorite flavors from last year that I’ve been hording during the off-season, so I’m stoked to finish them off and pick up some new ones.

My favorites are pumpkin spice, candy cane, and gingersnap.

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Don’t judge me.

I may not be a traditional basic bitch who loves Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, but I LIVE for pumpkin recipes.

Check out my Yummy and Fall Pinterest Boards for some inspiration and stay tuned on IG Stories for some pumpkin recipe attempts starting this week!

Here are a few {vegan, gluten-free, paleo} recipes that I’m dying to try:

Scented Candles:

While peppermint is one of my favorite scents and I use it year-around in my favorite diffuser, I always look forward to candy cane candles coming out this year of year.

And evergreen.

And gingersnap.

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How do YOU get ready for Fall? Any traditional Autumn preparations going on in your house?


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