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When I finished the SF Half Marathon at the end of July, my fourth race in 12 months, I realized one big thing – Once you have your necessities, race day is a breeze.

So what’s on my essentials list? A little bit of everything actually.

Leggings – I have fallen in love with these Lululemon Athletica Tight Stuff running tights because they’re comfortable AND I’m obsessed with the pockets. With these leggings, I don’t need a running belt or a jacket with pockets. I put my phone on the left, essentials like cash & a gel in the right, and my keys & a chapstick in the back pocket. {Check out more of my favorite workout gear here}

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Visor – Even for early mornings I like to wear a visor, despite starting in the dark, you’ll often get a gorgeous – But glaring – Sunrise at some point. And during Fall and Winter it can help with rain and heavy fog as well.

Undergarments – I can’t tell you how much I hate fussing with undies or feeling like I’m not getting enough support up top. It’s distracting and annoying. {As you may have realized during my Let’s Talk About Sports Bras post}

Headphones – Another MUST for me is music while I’m running. I create race day Spotify playlists and must have my headphones.

Bars & Gels – I never eat a full meal before a race, instead I’ll have half of a high sugar bar or a gel on the way to the starting line. Instant energy without a weighed-down feeling. Some of my go to picks are Clif Shots BLOKS, GU Energy Gels, Honey Stinger Waffles, and Vega Protein Snack Bars. {You can find more of my favorites here – Best Vegan Protein Bars}

Hydration – So I’m a bit of a freak in this regard. As I said above, I don’t eat before a race, but I also don’t drink any water. I pre-hydrate in the days before the race and then after the race I’ll pump myself with electrolytes using Nuun Hydration tablets.

Do YOU have any race day essentials?


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