Decluttering | Letting go of your Fantasy Self

With my Minimalism Challenge in full swing, I thought I’d dedicate a post to some of the bigger things that I’ve faced. While simplifying my skin care and beauty products was cathartic, some of the other decluttering projects that I’ve tackled have been… More challenging.

Emotional even.

I wasn’t quite prepared to feel those heartstrings tugging when it came to cleaning out my closet. But tug they did. The first pair of designer shoes I ever bought. The handbag that I got at Barneys after getting my very first bonus. The vintage clutch that my grandmother left me when she died. Did I use any of them? Nope. But I found that I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them even though rationally I knew that I didn’t need them.

What I discovered was that there were two categories of items that I had trouble getting rid of during my cleansing project.

The first were items, like the ones I mentioned above, that I had an emotional attachment to. I’m not a very sentimental person, and I don’t tend to hold onto things for the sole purpose of indulging in nostalgia. Ultimately I decided that since I’m not hanging on to yearbooks or prom dresses, I could justify keeping a few things that I had a genuine emotional attachment to even after all the years.

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The second category was something I hadn’t expected. I had a pair of heels that make my legs look miles long and I just knew would look fabulous with any little black dress. The problem? I don’t wear high heels anymore. {Check out –  The Painful Truth about High heels.} I had a divine poison green strappy bodycon cocktail dress from Diane Von Furstenberg. The problem? I don’t wear bodycon styles AND it was at least a size too small. Maybe two. I also had a pair of low riding, boot cut jeans that I bought when I was 21 and living in Italy. The problem? I rarely wear jeans and when I do they are decidedly not boot cut.

So what did all of these items have in common? They were all part of the fantasy life I’d created in my mind for a fantasy version of myself. I was shopping, and holding onto clothing, for a life I don’t lead. And truthfully, probably never will.

Fantasy me likes to show off her curves and isn’t in excruciating pain when she wears heels and loves to rock low slung jeans on weekends. Who knew?

This really changed my perspective on what to keep and what to hold on to.

Do YOU have a fantasy self? If you had to get rid of one thing that you’ve bought for your fantasy self, what would it be?


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