How NOT to Get Sick this Season

Working in an office is the worst as we head into colder weather because it seems like some new illness sweeps through every week and everyone around you is constantly sick. And since no one calls in sick, each new cold or flu bug becomes a communal illness.

So what can you do?

Read on for my top tips to avoid getting sick this season.

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  1. SLEEP – When you become sleep deprived from the endless gauntlet of holiday soirees and cocktail parties and late nights at the office is when you’ll get sick. So make an effort to get into bed at a reasonable hour each night rather than relying on weekends to catch up on sleep.
  2. Drink water – Rather than reaching for sugary or caffeinated beverages, focus on water this time of year. Staying well-hydrated means that you kidneys will keep cleaning toxins out of your body, keeping your immune system up and running.
  3. Reduce stress – This is an intense, hectic, crazy time of year, so you need to put time and effort into relaxing. Schedule a massage, take a yoga class, meditate before bed – Just find a way to keep yourself calm and your cortisol levels low.
  4. Exercise – Even if you’re starting to feel like you’re coming down with something, you can still workout and help sweat the germs out of your system. The time to skip the gym is when you have a fever.
  5. Eat whole foods – Avoid high-sugar, high-salt, processed foods and focus on whole foods. The micronutrients in fresh fruits and vegetables will help boost your immune system, rather than putting stress on it like processed foods.
  6. Keep it clean – Wash your hands on the regular and be sure to disinfect your electronics from time to time. Sanitizing will help you avoid harmful bacteria and viruses that can be passed from dirty surfaces.
  7. Add honey – Not only does it sooth your throat, but it’s also a potent anti-oxidant. A local variety of honey or manuka honey are both great picks. Especially if you have seasonal allergies.
  8. Less alcohol – It can seem impossible to skip the wine and cocktails during all of the holiday parties this time of year, but alcohol consumption is hard on your immune system, so try sticking to water or a juice & tonic with a citrus twist.
  9. Essential Oils – Utilizing high-grade essential oils will detoxify and aid in boosting your immune system. Some good ones to try are lemon, lavender, peppermint, thieves {it’s basically Christmas in a bottle}, sandalwood, and tea tree oil.

What’s YOUR top stay healthy tip?


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