Healthy Habits to Start Now!

Rather than making huge changes and trying to turn things around in a week – Developing a truly healthy routine is about shifting small habits. All the little things add up and are more sustainable than trying to make big, overwhelming changes.

So, without further ado, here’s a list of easy, healthy habits that you can add to your daily or weekly routine TODAY. 🙂

(1) Wear sunscreen. Every day. No matter what. Even if it’s overcast. Even if it’s Winter. Even if you’re not going outside. Wear sunscreen.

(2) Drink water. The more the better. If you can’t make yourself drink it or don’t actually like it, try adding something like these Nuun Hydration Tabs or try coconut water. Increasing your water consumption will improve your skin, help digestion, keep you alert, and even help you sleep. Speaking of…

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(3) Be sure to sleep. Sleep is when your body heals itself and repairs the every day damages we inflict on ourselves. I know it’s hard to put down the phone and it’s hard to de-stress so your mind isn’t spinning, but sleep is non-negotiable. Try starting a relaxing nighttime routine to help ease you into things.

(4) Move it, move it! Working out is great, but even if you don’t have time on a hectic day, at least get in a walk or do 5 minutes of abs on the carpet. Sitting at a desk all day or spending 20 hours chasing kids around is exhausting to be sure, but you still need to give your body a little TLC.

(5) Eat real food. Try to replace some of the processed foods, packaged products, and take-out, with real, whole foods. Don’t overwhelm yourself or try to make huge changes, just slowly start replacing one or two meals a week and slowly increase your real food intake.

What healthy habit are YOU going to add to your routine before 2017 is up?


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