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After enthusiastically signing up for MNT Studio’s #MNT10 Challenge – 10 classes in 14 days – I decided to maximize my results by also joining the 10 day balance cleanse.

I just LOVE that MNT knows the value of nutrition when it comes to building better habits and a healthier lifestyle. One of my favorite sayings is: “You can’t out train a bad diet.” So MNT is setting you up for success by having a nutritionist available onsite.

Meet – Molly from BALANCE with Molly.

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The Cleanse:

This is not a juice cleanse, don’t worry, there’s plenty of food on the menu. Smoothies, supplements, and clean, healthy food.

This was similar to a 10 day elimination diet or the Whole30 – Cutting out sugar, alcohol, caffeine, soy, peanuts, nightshades, gluten, dairy, and heavily processed foods for the duration.

The Results::

My diet is pretty clean to begin with, but it is NEVER easy to cut things out of your diet. It’s even harder to cut “essentials” out. I try to cut out caffeine and processed sugar once a quarter, but I was definitely feeling this on days 1 and 2.

I’m going to be real with you – I didn’t wake up feeling amazing every day and I wasn’t filled to the brim with energy and excitement.

At first.

Day one was all about the headaches and nausea. It wasn’t pretty. People asked if I was sick.

But it got better.

For me, the hardest part was reducing my daily protein intake since I wasn’t consuming bars or my higher protein powders due to their ingredients. But what it did do was challenge me to create higher protein whole food meals, which was really fun. Lots of rice and beans, quinoa, cooked leafy greens, and everything was sprinkled with hemp seeds, sesame seeds, or chia seeds.

Once my headache disappeared, it was smooth sailing. My digestive system was super happy, my energy levels didn’t dip throughout the day, and most noticeably, I fell into bed and straight to sleep every night. I kid you not, I think I was asleep between 7:30pm-8pm every night of the challenge.

The Aftermath:

I’ve done challenges before, I’ve followed food plans, and I’ve tracked macros. I love trying new programs and seeing what works best for my body.

But not as much as I love having a nutritionist to pepper with questions!!

I absolutely adored the personal touch for this challenge. Having an email where I could reach out with questions and a Facebook page to get inspiration and see how everyone else was handling things, was amazing.

If you’re interested in doing your very own 10 day detox, there are a few fun options with Molly coming up. Check out The Balance Cleanse website and see whether the Winter Cleanse or New Year’s Detox will fit your schedule!

Have YOU ever tried a cleanse? If so – What did you think? If not – Why doesn’t it appeal to you?


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