December Meditation Challenge

This December I’m tackling a meditation challenge in the hopes of ending the year feeling more zen than I have for most of the fourth quarter.

I’ve talked about this before, and the benefits, but here’s a little summary.

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Meditating can:

  • Help keep you calm
  • Improve your sleep routine
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increase concentration
  • Combat stress
  • Boost productivity

It’s also a wonderful addition to a morning or evening routine to add in a little “me time” that will improve your day or help you wind down at night.

So what will the challenge be for the month of December?

First, a morning meditation, followed by writing down my affirmations for the day. And Second, an evening meditation.

They can be short sessions, active Kundalini sessions, or long guided sessions. It all depends on what I need at that time and what will serve me best in a given moment.

While there are wonderful aps available, I have to admit that my go-to is YouTube. It’s incredibly simple because all you have to do is search what you’re looking for – 5 minute guided, 10 minutes of har tantric, sleep meditations, etc.

And what is my top trick for helping me achieve these goals each day? I set alarms and calendar reminders. It’s pretty hard to ignore an alarm that’s blasting and telling you to meditate! 🙂

Do YOU meditate on a regular basis?


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