Minimalism Challenge | Detox Your Life Before Year-End

I’ve been writing about minimalism and achieving a more streamlined lifestyle in recent months. I’ve found the subject really interesting the last few years and have worked on making changes in my lifestyle and my perspective.

I’m also a huge fan of New Years and starting the year off with a clean slate. So why not tackle both of those and do a final clean-out to start 2018 off right?

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Here are a few tips for tackling your spaces with a minimalist mindset:

(1) Check out my closet cleaning tips here and my post on de-cluttering and letting go of your fantasy self here. Try breaking down your purging by category to help you stay focused:

  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Skin Care & Beauty
  • Kitchen
  • Office

(2) Organize what you use. It’s great when you can get rid of things, but it’s just as important that you be able to find what you’ve chosen to retain. Spend some quality time organizing everything from your closet to your cupboards to your medicine cabinet.

(3) Set aside time on a daily basis to MAINTAIN. It’s easy to do a big clean out, but you may find it more challenging to keep things tidy and not accumulate junk on a day-to-day basis.

My solution to this problem is spending a few minutes each day on maintenance. Clearing off the counters, putting clothes, accessories, and beauty products away that were taken out over the course of the day, putting away cat toys etc.

Be sure to check out Pick Up Limes’ 30 Days to Minimalism for some serious inspiration. She is absolutely lovely and her approach to minimalism is nothing short of motivational. I highly recommend giving her channel a follow!

Are YOU going to tackle a life detox before 2018?


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