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I recently decided to mix up my breakfast routine and try a new recipe for my weekly meal prep-a-thon – A vegan breakfast scramble.

A little background on my food journey – I’ve been a vegetarian since the age of 12 and have been limiting gluten and dairy for nearly a decade now {discovered intolerances to both in my mid twenties}. Over the years as I’ve learned more about nutrition and my body, I’ve tried a number of ways of eating, from vegan to paleo to high raw.

Veganism is something that I’ve flirted with on and off for years. My diet is actually about 90%-95% vegan most weeks, and fully vegan some days. That’s just the result of eating a plant-based diet without meat or dairy.

I love a savory breakfast, but I wanted to toy with a non-egg version of my favorite veggie-filled scramble to mix things up. And see how I feel without the occasional egg in my diet.


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{Vegan // Vegetarian // Gluten-Free // Paleo-Friendly} 

Vegan Breakfast Scramble

  • 1 400g package organic tofu
  • 1/2 cup garbanzo bean flour
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1/2 onion
  • Veggies – I used yellow squash, zucchini, peppers, and green chilis, but you can use whatever yumminess you have on hand. Mushrooms, eggplant, peppers, or fresh basil would be great.
  • Spices & toppings – Turmeric {this is what gives it the yellow color}, salt & pepper, and nutritional yeast or vegan cheese


  • Blend tofu and garbanzo bean in a food processor or Vitamix. I used firm tofu the first time I tried this recipe, and the mixture was very crumbly, it definitely had a tofu texture. When I used a silken tofu it was super creamy and I could easily make it into an omelette or scramble.
  • Chop garlic and onion and saute over low heat in an oil-filled pan
  • After giving the onions and garlic a few minutes to brown, add your veggies of choice and cook through
  • Once the veggies are cooked pour the tofu/garbanzo bean mixture into the pan and combine. Cook until you get your desired texture.
  • Top with nutritional yeast, hot sauce, vegan cheese, avocado, or whatever else sounds good to you!

Stay tuned for the next MCLV Mange installment and check out the previous posts from this series here to see what you’ve missed so far.


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