2018 Challenges | Project Comeback with Sarah’s Day Sweat It to Shred It Review

My first workout challenge for my year of challenges, was to undertake a personal Project Comeback with the Sweat It to Shred It e-book from YouTuber Sarah’s Day.

I’m a huge fan of her channel and have loved all the workouts she’s posted there, so this seemed like a natural fit for me. Truth be told, I love bodyweight workouts that mix things up and enjoy tabata, so I was psyched to give her e-book a try.

Read on to see how my very own personal Project Comeback went.


I was feeling a bit sluggish after thoroughly enjoying the holidays and taking some much-needed rest days to help my body heal after all of the traveling. So January seemed like the opportune time to take on a new challenge in the gym to mix things up and get myself back into a healthy, happy space.

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8-Week Active Lifestyle Challenge:

Week 1: This program is all about building on itself. You start out with a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday workout, plus an optional weekend session. No gym needed. No equipment needed. A great start.

Week 2: You may start out underestimating this program. The workouts seem pretty simple and they don’t take ages, but MAN, it’s an effective workout. 20-25 minutes of HIIT is no joke!

Week 3: This week you’re still doing 3 days a week plus an active day on the weekend. But the workouts start to amp up and you’re doing more complex moves and you feel the intensity.

I’m generally used to working out 6 days a week, so I’ve been supplementing the Sweat it to Shred it workouts with long walks, cardio sessions, and the occasional Barry’s Bootcamp class.

Week 4: This week we add in a Tuesday workout, so 4 full days of training, plus stretching and rolling time over the weekend. The “forced” recovery time was much appreciated by this time. And spending some time focused just on that helped me really loosen up.

Week 5: Halfway through Week 5 I got called into jury duty and ended up on a two-week trial. This is where the versatility of this program became very evident. I was able to keep up with the workouts by doing them at home after court.

No equipment, no problem!

Week 6: This week I continued to do the workouts either at home in my apartment after a day at court, or during my lunch break. I got a few day passes at a the Life Fit Gym near Civic Center and would pop over during lunch, knock out the workout, and then head back to court.

This week had workouts scheduled daily Monday through Friday, so when I missed one day due to working through lunch, I was able to make it up on Sunday. 🙂

Week 7: Similar schedule to week six, but with a challenge day on Tuesday – i.e. choose your own workout. I’m still finding the workouts challenging, I’m sweaty and sore, but some of the moves appear multiple times a week. Not necessarily a bad thing, if something works that’s great, but each workout isn’t 100% new at this point.

Week 8: By the final week you’re really seeing how the program builds on itself. The workouts are still challenging, but you feel strong and capable while you’re sweating your way through them. I’m still surprised, after 8 weeks, how much a 20 minute bodyweight workout and make me sweat. And how sore I get!

After: I’m feeling really strong after getting through this program. I definitely missed some workouts here and there, or doubled up after missing a day, but it doesn’t feel like I lost anything. I feel lean and definitely have some new definition in my abs and arms.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this program. I like the style of workouts and how she mixed up different formats so you didn’t do the same thing every day and get bored. I stayed engaged and challenged the whole time. And, very exciting news, apparently Miss Sarah is planning a new version of her program!! So stay tuned for Sweaty Shredder – Reloaded.

Yes, it sounds like an action movie sequel, and I’m loving that!

Have YOU tried a comeback challenge?


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