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I’ve introduced you to the joys that are NatureBox before – They’re a wholesale, membership-based online snack company. Once you’ve created an account, your monthly $5 fee goes towards your orders each month, and rolls over if you don’t get around to shopping during the month.

They carry tons of different snacks and you can sort the inventory by all sorts of different diets and eating styles. Choose from gluten-free items, vegan snacks, low-sugar picks, or even high-protein items. Some of their top rated offerings include dried pineapple, Sriracha cashews, Kung Pao pretzles, and probiotic trail mix. They also carry coffee, cookies and desserts, roasted nuts, turkey jerky, popcorn, and chips.

Some of my personal favorites treats are the cassava and plantain chips, and the crispy coconut squares. Yum! I also like to get raw nuts and dried fruit, and mix them together to create my own healthy trail mix concoctions.

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And I’m excited to be partnering with them for another giveaway!

The Giveaway:

  • Free lifetime membership to NatureBox
  • Free shipping on your first order
  • AND a $50 credit to get you started!

How to Enter:

Using the giveaway graphic below you can join this content in a handful of different ways. Follow NatureBox or Moi Contre La Vie on FacebookTwitter, or Tweet a message and you’ll be entered to win.

You can enter as many times as you’d like and the giveaway will be open until March 7th and then I’ll announce the winner!

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Are YOU a big fan of a tasty snack? Well hurry up and enter this giveaway!


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