Tips for Waking Up Early

If you asked most of my friends or family what I do for a living they probably couldn’t explain my job, but they would tell you that I get up very early in the morning. I’ve had a similar schedule since I graduated from college which means that I’ve been waking up early, sometimes very early, for over a decade. There are many things I do regularly that I wouldn’t consider myself an expert at, but this one I’m comfortable claiming. I’m an early morning expert.

Whether you’re hoping to get in a morning workout, start work earlier so you can leave earlier, or just utilize some peaceful morning time on weekends – Here are my tips for waking up early.

Side note: You don’t have to be a morning person to benefit from some of these tips. I have both night owl and morning person in my genetic line, and have definitely pulled my share of all-nighters over the years.

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Go To Bed: This may seem like a no-brainer, but I’ve heard it a million times. “I just can’t get out of bed in the morning. I’m not a morning person. I always snooze my alarm clock.” And when I ask what time they went to bed, I get a response along the lines of “2am.” Of COURSE your body doesn’t want to wake up at 6am when you went to bed at 2am, that doesn’t mean you’re not a morning person, it means you body is trying to keep you alive and 4 hours of sleep isn’t sufficient.

If you want to wake up earlier, you have to go to bed earlier. There’s really no wiggle room there. Check out my posts on nighttime routines if you need some help winding down at night. But this is my #1 tip to help you get up in the morning – Go to bed!

Prepare for Success: I’ve been doing this for years and I swear by it still. Prepare your bags and your clothes the night before. I even line up my skin care products by the sink at night and put out my probiotic. Not having to groggily choose your clothes or run around looking for things will make your morning run smoother and feel less hectic and stressful.

And my trick for remembering something in the fridge? I hang the bag or tote that I’m planning to carry to the office from the inside of the front door, when I go to leave I’ll see it and remember that I need to grab my Tupperware out of the fridge.

Don’t Snooze: If you’re planning to use an alarm clock for your early morning wake-up, stop using the snooze button. I know people who can’t get out of bed without hitting snooze half a dozen times. You can get out of bed without it, it’s just a habit. And it’s a habit that you need to break.

If you go to bed early and get quality sleep, you shouldn’t feel like you need to snooze. So, if you’re used to hitting it 3 times, and actually plan your morning around hitting it 3 times – Try for 2 times. Do that for a week, then try for once. Slowly work yourself down to no snoozing.

Tough love Caity!

Get Out of Bed: You know when it’s hard to fall back asleep? While you’re standing. Don’t lay in bed on your phone – Get up. If you have to check your phone first thing or want to reward yourself with an Instagram scroll for getting up, that’s fine – Do it while you’re standing in the bathroom brushing your teeth.

The longer you lay in the bed, the more likely you are to fall back asleep. So get up, wash your face, and brush those teeth!

Are YOU a night owl or a morning person?


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