Affirmations & Gratitude | A Beginner’s Guide

Writing down affirmations and keeping a gratitude diary are two of my secrets for maintaining a balanced, positive outlook on a daily basis.

Are these foolproof?


Stress happens. Bad moods happen. But these two practices help me start my day on the right foot, which can often improve my ability to tackle the hurdles that inevitably come up throughout the day.

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An affirmation is a positive thought that’s written down and repeated. The goal is reinforcing your positivity through repetition. It may seem a little strange to write the same thing over and over, but you’ll discover that it can be very empowering.

Two key things that I like to keep in mind when I’m writing new affirmations are:

  • Use the present tense
  • Be positive!

Not sure what I mean? Rather than “I will start being more assertive” you would instead write “I am assertive. I will ask for what I deserve.” You’re not going to make a change in the future, the change has been made and you’re going to reinforce that mental switch through your affirmation.


Some people are great about laying in bed and going through a mental list of things that they’re grateful for each day. Or finding another time throughout the day to focus on this topic.

I for one, like to write it down. I set a calendar reminder for myself that goes off every morning and I pull out my gratitude journal and jot down what’s on my mind.

You can even combine these two practices and write down your daily affirmations and what you’re grateful for in the same place each day.

Are these practices that YOU think you could benefit from?


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