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Today we’re back with another Links You’ll Love round-up that’ll help you get through the rest of the Summer in good health and style. From the ultimate tanning routine from the ever fabulous Lydia Elise Millen to eco-friendly hacks that can help you do your part to reduce waste, this round-up has everything you need for a healthy, happy Summer.

Fashion & Beauty:

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Miss Lydia is a guru for many things, but her flawless, glowing skin make you hang on every word she offers on YouTube relating to beauty. Needless to say, I was thrilled when she dedicated a full blog post to her tips for the perfect tan – My Secrets to the Perfect Tan.

I adore Sephora, as you know, so I jumped at this new Refinery 29 piece – The Best New Summer Makeup At Sephora.

I love shopping vintage and consignment and using apps like Poshmark – It helps me feel better about loving fashion and shopping, without adding to the unnecessary waste that the fashion industry produces. Elle clearly feels the same way – 10 Actually Useful Thrifting Tips From Women Who Only Buy Used Clothes.


If you’re like me and love some good tips for living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, you’ll like this post – 7 Reusable Items You Should Always Have Around (Because Recycling Isn’t Enough) from Mind Body Green.

Exhausted and overwhelmed by the constant go-go-go? Maybe it’s time to tune out! Read Why You Should Give Yourself the Space to go off the Grid from The Chalkboard Mag.

Living in California, where weed was legalized this year, means that I’ve had people recommend cannabis based products for everything from anxiety and insomnia to pet stress and pain. Shape Magazine is clearly curious too – I Tried 4 CBD Products That Claim to Help Sleep and Here’s What Happened.

Food & Fitness:

Links You'll Love Summer Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Vegetarian Beauty Skin Care Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Specialists and researchers think that inflammation may be one of the causes of traditional “Western diseases.” Diets high in sugar, processed foods, and junk can cause inflammation and leave you at risk for preventable diseases. But fear not, food is medicine. Check out 5 Ways I Use Food To Fight Inflammation Every Damn Day from Mind Body Green for more!

My favorite thing about Summer is getting outside for my workouts {check out this blog post for more on that!} And with one of my best friends and my cousin tackling the Muir Trail this Summer, my mind is on hiking! Check out Well + Good’s 50 Hikes with the best views in the US that are Definitely Worth Taking.

Not sure if you’re making the best choices while shopping at the grocery store? Check out Women’s Health’s 30 “Healthy” Foods that Nutritionists Never Eat.


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