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As I mentioned in my Project Comeback post last week – This Summer was amazing. Filled with weekends away, events, weddings, and fun with family and friends. That being said, as we head into Fall I’m not feeling my best. It’s been a wonderful few months of fun, but I didn’t do a great job of taking care of myself this Summer. Enter – My October Intentions!

Fall is my favorite season and I have plenty to look forward to the rest of this year – So I want to feel my best so that I can truly enjoy every minute.

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  • Tone It Up Fall Fitness Challenge: I’m looking forward to this 31 day challenge with the lovely ladies of Tone It Up. I downloaded the app (there’s a deal on the first three months now!) and have day one under my belt. Follow along on Instagram, I’ll be sharing my workouts and thoughts on the experience.
  • Nighttime Routine: Perfecting my nighttime routine has been a goal of mine for the last few months, but I tend to fall off track on weekends or when I travel. This month I want to focus on sticking to my routine each night. This often includes a bath, a 10-15 minute yoga routine, 3-5 minutes of guided meditation, and no phone in bed.
  • Self Care: When I’m busy and stressed, I have a tendency to forget to take care of myself. The little things – Like drinking enough water, writing my daily affirmations, and getting adequate sleep – Tend to fall by the wayside. This month I will make a conscious effort to spend a few minutes each day checking in with myself and seeing how I feel and what I might need.
  • Train: With all the travel this Summer, I haven’t been consistent with my running. I’m tackling the Golden Gate Half Marathon the first weekend of November, so I need to log some miles this month to prepare myself. I don’t do traditional training programs, since my body can’t handle that much running, but I need to do better than I have been doing lately.
  • RELAX: While I love Fall and look forward to this season all year-long, it’s also a very stressful period. Q4 in the financial world is a rough one, and work has already started to pick up. So, with that mind, I’m going to put some time and effort into relaxing each day. From bathes and yoga to getting enough sleep and reading good books.

What are YOUR intentions this month?


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