New Years Challenge | Mighty Pilates + Molly Alliman

I’m so excited to share that my favorite Pilates studio – Mighty Pilates – Is partnering with holistic nutritionist and health coach Molly Alliman for a 10 day New Year Challenge.

If Might Pilates sounds familiar – It’s probably because I’ve been raving about them on Instagram for the past few months. I adore their new Marin location and have been a regular on the weekends.


And if Molly Alliman sounds familiar – It’s because I did her cleanse a few years ago! Missed out? Check out these two posts – The Balance Cleanse | Interview with Nutritionist Molly Alliman and The Balance Cleanse | #MNT10 Challenge.

So what about this New Year Challenge?

  • 10 Day Cleanse
  • Nutritional counseling
  • 6 Mighty Pilates classes in 10 days

And fear not – This isn’t a juice cleanse or a water fast or anything crazy like that. Molly, like most of us, loves food. This cleanse isn’t about deprivation or crazy diets, it’s about eating clean, wholesome foods and healing your body. Shakes, healthy meals, elimination drinks, and supplements will get you through the 10 days feeling great.

You can participate by attending classes in Marin, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

The challenge starts on January 8th and you can find details about the packages and cleanse pricing here.


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