MCLV Pregnancy | What’s In My Hospital Bag Part II – What I Actually Used

In the first What’s In My Hospital Bag post I talked about what I was planning to pack for our hospital stay. Now that some time has passed and I’ve slept, a little, I wanted to do a follow up post on what I actually used in my hospital bag. And what I wished I brought that I didn’t bring.


What I packed:

Conclusion: A carry on sized roller was perfect. Enough space for everything, easy to pack/unpack, and easy to travel with upon arrival and departure, and when there was a room change.


What I packed:

Conclusion: I WAY overpacked. I stayed in hospital gowns until 30 minutes before we left. I was constantly being checked by the doctors and poked & prodded by nurses, so the gown offered them the access they needed. Plus – TMI – I honestly just didn’t want to destroy my clothes. The gowns were simply easier to wear and they offered me an endless supply, so I could change them as often as I needed/wanted. The slippers, socks, and nursing bras were all definitely needed, plus one going home outfit, but that’s it for me!


What I packed:

Conclusion: I used everything except the ear plugs and sleeping mask. Definitely recommend mini sizes of everything though, there’s not a ton of counter or storage space in hospital bathrooms.

Postpartum Essentials:

What I packed:

Conclusion: I needed and used nothing. Your milk hasn’t come in immediately post delivery so you don’t need nursing pads yet and the hospital provides everything else you need in that moment. Plus you can ask for anything they don’t automatically provide. You DEFINITELY don’t need a pump.

For baby:

What I packed:


While I was never explicitly told how big le bebe was going to be, she turned out to be much smaller than I’d anticipated. At 7 lbs 4.8 oz, she didn’t fit in the 0-3 month outfit I’d packed and we were so nervous about dressing her that we didn’t want anything too complicated. I HIGHLY recommend bringing a sleeping gown. They’re easy to put on and most babies will fit in them. Easy peasy!


What I packed:

Conclusion: I definitely used my phone and the long charger, plus we ate alllll the snacks, and the gift cards were very well received by the nurses. We did NOT use the speaker {or my playlist!} or essential oils. My delivery was an intense 2 hours so there wasn’t really a good time for scene setting or trying to stay relaxed – It was work, work, work. I also didn’t use the headphones or listen to books on tape as I’d planned, I did however read a lot. Definitely recommend downloading some books if you have a Kindle/Nook, or bringing a physical book.


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