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Giving Back: Ways of Change

I couldn’t be more excited for today’s edition of the Giving Back series and to finally get to share the fun project that I’ve been working on.

Not only because I’m thrilled with how my film debut turned out {squeals} but because I get the chance to introduce you to an amazing new brand.

In the past few years I’ve really enjoyed getting the chance to learn more about the fashion industry and where our things come from. Not just the story behind the clothing and accessories, but the people behind them.

And today I get to share the wonderful story of Ways of Change, an ethically sourced accessories company that works with refugees who are also skilled artisans. In addition to being a socially conscious company, they’re also giving back to the community as a portion of all proceeds go to support community projects and to improve the daily life of refugees all over the world.

So click the link below to see me twirling on the beach at sunset in some truly unique and eye-catching pieces of jewelry from Ways of Change.

The rings, the earrings, the necklaces, and the bracelets – All to die for!

And be sure to stay tuned for an amazing giveaway featuring this gorgeous jewelry!

And don’t forget – #WearTheChange

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Work Etiquette

There are a few different ways to approach behavior and the establishment of an office persona in the modern working world so read on for some of my top tips and suggestions for work etiquette to get you started.

[1.] “Casual dress promotes a casual attitude.”

This is, without a doubt, my go-to slogan at the office. Obviously fashion is something that I take seriously – Hello, fashion blogger here – But the office is one place where everyone should take fashion seriously. Or, at the very least, think about their style choices. I’m not saying that you need to channel The Devil Wears Prada on a daily basis, but you need to think about what you’re wearing and what those choices say about you, your goals, and your work ethic.

Read more about this topic in the following posts:

Workwear Office Fashion Work Etiquette San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Trendy Mondays: Leopard Print}

[2.] Attitude is EVERYTHING

How you interact with your colleagues – From your administrative assistant to the coffee cart operator to your boss – Can impact your career in very real ways.

Be polite. Be courteous. Be gracious. And by all means, think before you speak. If you’re frustrated and swiftly reaching the point of no return, try getting out of the office for a quick walk, calling someone to hash things out, or putting in headphones and losing yourself in music that you love. Just don’t take it out on the people around you!

[3.] Police your personal space

Even though your desk, your office, is by definition yours, you need to consider it a public space. Keep it clean, keep it organized. We all know those people who seem to thrive in the chaos of disarray, but at the office you need to consider the people around you and what your space says about you.

Do you really want your boss stopping by to chat and noticing crumbled papers on the floor, old dishes on your desk, and dusty stacks of papers taking up your work space? Of course not. So do your best to stay on top of your piles!

Missed out on some of the previous etiquette posts? Check them out here: Salon Etiquette, Gym Etiquette, and Travel Etiquette.

 What’s YOUR top tip for the office?

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Travel Etiquette

Welcome back to another Etiquette post. If you’ve missed out on the first two posts of this series you can catch-up right over here: Salon Etiquette & Gym Etiquette.

Whether you’re heading out-of-town for a weekend on the train or hopping on a plane for a few weeks away from it all, there are some rules to live – And travel – By when you hit the road.

Read on for some of my top Travel Etiquette tips to help you navigate the world of travel without breaching etiquette or falling victim to poor manners.

Travel Etiquette Wanderlust Travel Quotes San Francisco Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Beauty Blogger

[1.] Remember – You are not alone

Please, for everyone’s sake, refrain from doing the things that you would only do in the privacy of your home – From nail clipping to singing aloud – These aren’t for public consumption.

We all thank you!

[2.] Be cognizant of noise levels

I listen to music non-stop while I’m traveling, it helps pass the time and keeps my stress levels down, but I always make sure that I’m not disturbing the people around me. Speakerphone conversations, phone calls of a personal nature, and hearing-ruining volumes that everyone around you can hear should all be avoided.

[3.] Watch what you eat

Highly aromatic foods can disturb or even nauseate the people around you so try to keep that in mind when you’re planning/buying your travel meals. There are tons of easy-to-carry foods that have little to no scent so try some of those on your next trip – Salads, fruits & veggies, nuts & trail mix, and energy bites and all tasty, healthy options.

I once sat next to someone who ate a rotisserie chicken on a train from Paris to the South of France and I swear I could smell it on my clothes and in my hair for the next two days!

[4.] Keep an eye on your things

Yes, the automated voice over the loudspeaker urging you not to leave your belongings unattended is easy to tune out, but that doesn’t mean that she’s wrong. Make sure you’re tidy, that you know where all of your luggage is, and that you’re not in other people’s way. I spend a good portion of my time in airports and train stations tripping over people’s rolling suitcases because they don’t know where they left them.

For the sake of my perpetually clumsy, I urge you to keep an eye on your things!

Travel Etiquette Wanderlust Travel Quotes San Francisco Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Beauty Blogger

[5.] Be reasonable

Repeat after me – When you’re traveling, SHIT HAPPENS.

And sometimes, that shit is bad. Delayed flights, lost reservations, missing luggage – It sucks and it’s easy to lose your cool over. Tension and stress are high, but try your hardest not to take it out on the people around you. It’s not the gate attendant’s fault that the plane left without you, and the poor crew manning baggage claim didn’t intentionally ruin your trip by misplacing your suitcase.

Rather than overact and risk ruining your trip with a bad attitude, try deep breathing, going to your happy place, or thinking about how much worse things could really be. Not helping? That’s why there’s a bar at the airport!

{Images from Wanderlust}

What travel rules do YOU live by?

Want to see more of my travel tips? Be sure to follow me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing my upcoming Greek Island adventure.

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Gym Etiquette

After the warm reception to my Salon Etiquette post I thought I’d take some reader requests on the topics of etiquette & appropriate behavior. The number one being – Gym Etiquette.

If you’re a regular gym go-er you’ve probably come face-to-face with some fairly horrifying things at one time or another. From bizarre locker room behavior to people who make you shake your head and roll your eyes.

[1.] Dress appropriately

I love a good croptop, but your gym attire should aim to be functional. I’m not saying you can’t look fabulous – I fully support finding stylish workout gear – But you shouldn’t be dressed for the club. Or the beach.

You should be dressed for the gym. Because you’re at the gym!

Gym Etiquette Workout Gym Fitness FitLife Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Blogger Karlie Kloss Boxing Elle

[2.] Clean up after yourself

For the love of all that is holy re-rack your weights. Take your towel with you. Don’t leave mats and jump ropes all over the floor. Pretend you’re in kindergarten and are being graded on how well you tidy up your personal space.

[3.] Be aware of your surroundings

Whether you’re changing in the locker room, waiting in line for a cardio machine, or checking your phone while you walk out the door, be sure that you know what’s going on around you. Don’t walk through someone’s workout, don’t make people uncomfortable with your behavior, and don’t keep other people from completing their workouts because you’re not paying attention.

[4.] Share!

Space on the floor, machines, weights, lockers – What do these all have in common? They’re for everyone. That means you need to share them.

Every single time.

Gym Etiquette Workout Gym Fitness FitLife Fashion Fitness Food Lifestyle Blogger Karlie Kloss Boxing Elle

[5.] Don’t disturb others

This is, without a doubt, my number one pet peeve at the gym. Carrying on NSFG conversations and listening to music out loud are two things you should never do at the gym. Ever.

Is your workout time the only chance you have to catch up with your bestie? That’s great, but take it outside for a walk instead of talking about your weekend one night stand, in detail, within earshot of 30 people. Why yes, I have had this happen to me at the gym.

{Images from Gym Motivation}

What’s YOUR biggest gym pet peeve?

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What NOT to Wear to Work

While there are a lucky few whose office is home to casual/street-clothes appropriate attire, most of us are subject to more rigorous prerequisites when it comes to getting dressed in the morning. If you’re workplace adheres to a business or business casual dress code (and you don’t work in industries like fashion, music or TV/Film where more creative fashion is expected and accepted) there are some very basic Don’ts to keep in mind when you’re considering what to wear.

(1) No tennis shoes

Unless you have an injury, there’s no excuse for wearing running shoes in the workplace. Walking to work in comfort is 100% acceptable, but remember to change once you’re at your desk. And if heels are not your thing, there are plenty of other cute options that will keep you stylish AND appropriate.

Workwear What Not to wear to work ballet flats Workwear Office appropriate Blogger Etiquette Ballet flats, loafers, Oxford’s, flat ankle boots, and smoking slippers are all great alternatives to consider. (2)

No shorts!

Yes, there are very cute examples of summer shorts/romper outfits out there right now, but those are for your much-deserved downtime, not for the office. Even “dressed up” with tights or heels, shorts are not appropriate for the office. Dying for something cool to wear other than a dress or skirt? Try a pair of capris a la Jackie O, just remember to avoid pairs that fit like a second skin.



{Wool Capri – $35-$50 {on sale} @ J.Crew}

(3)  No. Open. Toed. Shoes.

Sandals, no matter how cute, are not appropriate for the office. Peep-toed pumps can be acceptable depending on the height and style, but flip-flops and sandals should be left in your closet until its time to hit the beach. Here’s a good rule of thumb: if you would wear it to the beach, don’t wear it to the office. Cute, summery totes excepted of course.


{Lacoste Shopper – $95 @ Zappos}

(4) Be cognizant of hemlines and necklines. Nothing too short, nothing too low-cut. Put your hands down at your sides – At no time should your hemline rise above where your fingers are. For necklines I don’t think that there’s a hard and fast rule. Everyone has a different style that looks best on them and I believe that you should be true to that {boatneck, sweetheart, scoop etc}. As a v-neck girl I do two checks when I wear sweaters or wrap dresses: first, look straight-on in the mirror to be certain that your bra doesn’t show and second, lean forward and make sure that you between your top/dress and undergarments you’re not exposing anything unexpected.


{AGB Pencil Skirt – $25 @ Macys}

(5) No T-Shirts – While I’m hesitant to issue a blatant ban on t-shirts, I will say that graphic, logo, or burn-out shirts are a no-no. A well-made shirt with a basic or conservative cut is fine (tuck one into a high-waisted pencil skirt and add booties for a fun high-low look). Before giving a T the go-ahead for office usage be sure that it’s not see-through, the fit & cut are suitable (no midriff baring tops!) and that it’s thick enough to hang where it should.


{Ann Taylor Wrap Top – $30}

As for my male readers, let me pass along my number one workwear related pet peeve for men. I work in a predominately male office where slacks and a button-down are the worn by one and all.

Please note, khakis are not slacks. Yes, khaki/tan colored slacks are a great option to beat the heat, but Dockers or khaki cargo pants ARE NOT SLACKS. Sorry for the caps, I just needed to get that off of my chest.

I know that for many people “rules of fashion” is something of an oxymoron, as the goal of the industry and those that love it is artistic expression, but work is one of the places where you need to adhere to someone else’s rules. So take a look at your company’s dress code and keep that in mind when you’re shopping for work clothes.

A great tip is to separate your closet into work and play clothes, hang the dresses, slacks, sweaters and blouses appropriate for work in one section so you and can get in and out in a hurry each morning!

Bonjour for now, I’ll be back to show you some great looks to try out at the office soon.

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