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NatureBox Giveaway | Calling all Snack Lovers

Welcome back to another NatureBox giveaway! If you missed the first two giveaways, here’s a summary – NatureBox is a wholesale, membership-based online snack company. Once you’ve created an account, your monthly $5 fee goes towards your orders each month, and rolls over if you don’t get around to shopping during a particular month.

The website carries all sorts of goodies – From vegan snacks to low sugar treats to paleo items. And the website allows you to sort all the yumminess by diet and eating style, so that you can find what you’re looking for.  Some of their best-selling items are cheddar caramel popcorn, vanilla bean wafers, vanilla almond clusters (YUM), and mocha almonds. What I really love about this site is the variety of items – I’ve ordered everything from almond butter and oatmeal to raw nuts and trail mix packets. All great for Summer traveling!

Some of my personal favorites are the cassava and plantain chips, and the crispy coconut squares. I’m completely addicted! I also like to get raw nuts and dried fruit, and mix them together to create my own healthy trail mix concoctions for easy after-dinner snacking. 🙂

NatureBox Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Vegetarian San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Snacking Snacks


This amazing company has offered to team up AGAIN for another killer giveaway. Read on for the rules on entering and what you can win!

The Giveaway:

  • Free lifetime membership to NatureBox
  • Free shipping on your first order
  • AND a $50 credit to get you started!

How to Enter:

Using the giveaway graphic below you can join this content in a handful of different ways. Follow NatureBox or Moi Contre La Vie on FacebookTwitter, or Tweet a message and you’ll be entered to win.

You can enter as many times as you’d like and the giveaway will be open until March 7th and then I’ll announce the winner!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Are YOU a snack lover? Hurry up and enter this giveaway!

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Trendy vs Chic: How To Be Stylish

Anyone can be a slave to new trends, it doesn’t take creativity or style to dress in a runway look head to toe. So what is style? What does it mean to be chic and stylish rather than a fashion victim?

Trendy vs Chic: How To Be Stylish

How To Be Stylish Retro Fashion Starts San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Style is a very personal concept, it can be different for everyone. It’s about knowing your body type, knowing what looks good on you and knowing what you’ll be comfortable wearing. You can ignore every trend that ever graces a magazine cover and still be a fashion icon.

After all, good style is eternal.

Regardless of whether you consider Jane Birkin, Audrey Hepburn, Diana Vreeland, or Lauren Hutton to be your ultimate style icon, there is something  that each of these women possess. She is true to herself and has created a style that is inherently “her.”

What are the basic guidelines that a lady must follow in order to be stylish?

[1.] Know thy self – Take a good, hard look in the mirror and understand your assets & limitations. What are your best characteristics – Great shoulders? Long, lean legs? Christina Hendricks curves? Find a style that plays up your assets. Yes, you can mix up your style each season and incorporate great new looks to keep things fresh, but you need to first have a good understanding of what you can, can’t, and shouldn’t bother trying to pull off. Do you have short legs? Consider that skinny jeans and mid-calf boots have the potential to make your legs look truncated. On the curvier side? Ruffles and busy tops can give you a top-heavy silhouette. You don’t need to be built like Gisele to look polished and put together, you just need to know how to work with what you have!

How To be Stylish Trendy vs chic Retro Fashion Icon Kate Moss

[2.] Find your sweet spot – Once you know what works best for you, the next step is to create a style that is totally your own, a home base of sorts that you can always start with or go back to. Whether you love Twiggy-style shift dresses, menswear with a feminine twist, a darker pallet, or retro, ladylike silhouettes, make the look yours by adding personal touches. If you’re comfortable and confident in your clothes, you’ll have every eye on you as soon as you step into a room. Wear your clothes, don’t let them wear you! My personal look is very classic and a little formal, I love dresses and skirts, but with a bit of an edge. My favorite looks are traditional with a modern twist, like a chic LBD with funky pearls and patent leather booties.

How To be Stylish Trendy vs chic Retro Fashion Icon Alexa Chung

[3.] Invest! It’s always fun to try new trends – If you’re careful with them – But a large portion of your clothing and accessories budget should be devoted to more classic, long-term pieces. High quality basics that you will be able to use season after season, which can easily be spiced up with the newest handbag or sunglasses. A trench coat, great jeans, a button down shirt, a Little Black Dress, these are the building blocks to a great wardrobe, regardless of your style. When you see pictures of Jane Birkin’s bangs and little tunic dresses, Audrey’s trenches, Coco’s pearls, or Bianca Jagger’s suits they still all look chic and modern. Why? Because they were stylish women, not slaves to trends.

Some words of wisdom to think about when you’re considering you personal look:

  • “Style isn’t about change; that’s fashion’s job. Style is about knowing yourself, knowing the image you want to project, and finding the look that suits you the best for your goals.” TLo from Tom & Lorenzo: Fabulous & Opinionated
  • “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” Coco Chanel
  • “Over the years I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it.” Yves Saint Laurent
  • “Attitude is everything.” Diane von Furstenberg

Have you seen the Audrey Hepburn movie Funny Face?

There’s this phenomenal dance number with Kay Thompson, who is one of the highlights of the film, called How To Be Lovely. Whenever I think of being stylish and chic, I think of this scene and it makes me laugh. This is a great reminder that fashion is supposed to be fun!

How To be Lovely


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Spring Style Round-Up

It’s finally starting to feel more like Spring around these parts, which means pushing the outerwear towards the back of the closet and bringing out dresses, lightweight layers, and some more color. One of the benefits of tending towards more classic styles is that you can repeat pieces season after season. Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite Spring styles from the last few years to get you in a sunny frame of mind!

Classic Summer Style Little White Dress Winter White Spring Style Trendy Mondays San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{The Little White Dress never goes out of style. I love this sleeveless version with pockets! Similar styles here, here, and here.}

Spring Fashion Trends Stripes Fringe Poncho Cape Overalls Pinafore Wearable Technology Prints Mixing & Matching San Francisco Fashion Food Fitness Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Shopping Online Fashion

{While I’m not really the denim overall wearing type, I do love a good pinafore. For me the key is picking one in a neutral, easy to style hue like black, white, or nude.}

Le Tote Black and White Printed Wrap Dress San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{Nothing says let’s play outside quite like a printed wrap dress – I adore this version!}

Summer Dresses Polka Dots San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Midi length dresses are a favorite of mine this time of year – I love polka dots, stripes, prints, and solids!}

Printed Shift Dress Bay Area San Francisco Fashion Fitness Food Lifetstyle Blogger Street Style

{Colorful prints and Springy shift dresses are my go-to on weekends during Spring and Summer.}

What’s YOUR go-to style this time of year? Or do you change it up every season?

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Celebrating Earth Day with FRÉ Skin Care

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle is something that I think about on a daily basis. Do I really need to buy more things? Am I buying the right things? Am I disposing of things in the best way possible? And this furious internal dialogue always reaches a fever pitch when Earth Day rolls around each year.

Earth Day Arbor Day Eco Friendly FRE Skin Care Beauty Products San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

And I am grateful that in one aspect of my life, I don’t have to wonder. FRE Skin Care offers amazing products, yes, but they also offer you a way to do you part for the environment.

Whenever a 123FRE set is sold, the company plants an Argan Tree of Life in Morocco to help fight deforestation.

To celebrate Earth Day, they’re joining forces with Arbor Day Foundation and will be planting a tree in America as well as Morocco. They’re offering a generous 25% off discount on their 123FRE sets for the next 48 hours.

They’re challenging eco-minded consumers to help them reach their goal of planting 1,000 Trees of Life for Earth Day in the #Plant1KTrees challenge.

Head over to the website and use my code MCLV and join the revolution!

What will YOU do to support the planet for Earth Day?

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After Work Routine | How to Destress

I’ve shared my nighttime rituals and my morning routine with you, so next I thought I’d tackle my after work routine. In particular – How to destress after a long day.

Whether you’re in an office, working from home, chasing the rug rats around, or job hunting – You reach a point each day where you need to stop, relax, and decompress.

While everyone’s go-to tool for relaxing may differ, here are some of the things that help me each day.

After Work Routine Destress Relax Evening Regime San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Walking: After work, the very first thing that I do is walk home. I’m lucky to live in San Francisco, a city filled with avid walkers, and I’ve always lived within a few miles of the office. While the exercise part of walking is great, the real reason I’ll never give up this ritual is that this is my decompression time. Sometimes I listen to music, sometimes I listen to audible. But I turn off my brain and use this time to recover from the work day and get back to myself.

Cleaning: I’m one of those people who can’t concentrate, let alone function well, if I’m surrounded by a mess. The first thing that I do when I get home is put away the things that I had take out for the day – Coat, handbag, gym bag etc. Next I head into the kitchen and put away the dishes from the night before. I prefer to skip the dishwasher so they’re out on a drying rack from our last meal.

Working Out: I usually workout midday at the office, take a class immediately after work, or head to the gym in my apartment building after I get home. Working out is an integral part of my lifestyle – It helps me control my back pain, keeps me healthy, and improves my sleep. If I don’t wear myself out over the course of the day, it’ll take ages to fall asleep.

Cooking: My main form of therapy is cooking. And baking. I love nothing more than putting on a book on tape and tuning out while I spend some quality time in the kitchen. I do this on Sundays for my meal prep and I do it most days after work. It can be as simple as chopping vegetables or baking chocolate chip cookies – It’s meditative.

Eating: I love food so my reward at the end of the day is a giant plant-based meal. We try to eat together each night and that’s our catch-up time. No phones or distractions. Just us and the food.

Relaxing: After dinner and before I start my nighttime routine, it’s time to relax. The activities vary depending on what I’m in the mood for. If I’m super sore, I’ll head to the bathroom for a long Epsom salt bath. If I’m feeling lazy we’ll watch a TV show with the cats climbing all over us. And if I have work to do, I’ll take out my laptop and get it over with before bedtime.

How do YOU destress after work? Any tips?

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