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One Piece Swimsuit Round-Up

It’s always interesting to see what new trends come into existence each season. Sometimes it’s something wholly new, sometimes it’s a reboot of a vintage style.

And while I’m not much for chasing short-term trends, I always appreciate when something extremely wearable becomes all the rage.

Some recent trends I’ve enjoyed the last few season – Tennis shoes, athleisure, flat slides, jumpsuits, mixing high-and low, and the re-emergence of one piece swimsuits.

In an age when showing as much skin as possible seems to be the name of the game, it was a breath of fresh air to see one piece suits come back into vogue last season. Blame it on Baywatch if you want, but I’m thrilled.

But don’t worry – With lace-up details, ruffles, feminine florals, modern cut-outs, and bold, eye-catching prints, there’s a huge variety out there to choose from.

One Piece Swimsuit Resortwear Swimwear San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Vacation Shopping

{This stunning striped swimsuit from Dolce & Gabbana is retro-inspired and flattering. Don’t worry though, if you’re not up for spending Dolce & Gabbana-level prices, there are some other options. Anthroplogie has a cut-out variety, Vince Camuto is playing with chevron stripes, Diane Von Furstenberg tackled the halter style, and Michael Kors went for bold red & white.}

One Piece Swimsuit Resortwear Swimwear San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Vacation Shopping

{Going for the chic minimalist look for your warm weather adventures this year? Be sure to check out this key hole cut-out maillot from Vitamin A, plunging necklines from Milly, mesh cut-outs from Kenneth Cole, and ruffled one-shouldered silhouettes from ASOS.

One Piece Swimsuit Resortwear Swimwear San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Vacation Shopping

{If a feminine, bohomenian style is more of interest, these sweet prints and hippie-inspired pieces will be just the thing. Trina Turk is showing florals and cut-outs, Billabong has plunging lace-covered necklines, Michael Kors is all about strapless bandeaus, and Shoshana is showing all-over prints and delicate silhouettes.}

What’s YOUR favorite comfortable, easy-to-wear trend this season?

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Classic Summer Style

What I love about fashion is that while there are always new and exciting trends to look forward to each season, there’s also always going to be a classic style to fall back on.

In the words of Yves Saint Laurent – “Fashions fade, but style is eternal.”

So, while it’s fun to play dress up and stick a toe in the trend pool, having a closet filled with wardrobe staples and classic pieces that you’ll wear for years, is how you create your lasting personal style.

Here are a few of my favorite classic Summer styles, pieces, and accessories.

Classic Summer Style Spring Fashion Trends Stripes Fringe Poncho Cape Overalls Pinafore Wearable Technology Prints Mixing & Matching San Francisco Fashion Food Fitness Beauty Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Shopping Online Fashion

{If I had to choose the most enduring Summer fashion staple it would probably be stripes. Chic, flattering, and nautical-inspired, stripes just never go out of style.}

Classic Summer Style San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Stle Green Skater Skirt Graphic Tee Summer Fashion San Francisco Fashion Blogger

{Bold colors and eye-catching prints will always be a staple. Paired together or worn apart, those are styles that you can safely stock up on.}

Classic Summer Style Checkered Dress Black & White Summer Fashion San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Retro-style sunglasses are a staple. From cat eyes silhouettes to round frames, these Jackie O inspired sunnies are the perfect way to protect your skin and punctuate your look.}

Classic Summer Style Summer Dresses Polka Dots San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{An oversized clutch is a great classic piece to have on hand. You can go for a timeless neutral or black style, or try something more flirty like a pastel shade.}

Classic Summer Style Little White Dress Winter White Spring Style Trendy Mondays San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{A timeless little white dress will always be in style. While the current trends may dictate the cut, fabric, and even embellishments, a classic white dress that suits and flatters your figure is definitely something to hold on to!}

What’s YOUR Summer style?

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3 Fun Ways to Get Fit | Active Living

Blue skies and warmer weather mean one thing to me – It’s time to get outside! When the rainy, cold days of San Francisco Spring are further and further apart, I like to start taking my fitness outside.

All year long, I enjoy socializing with friends in active, healthy ways – Check out some tips in Social Fitness & Workout Dates. During the colder, darker months it’s all about Barre and Barry’s Bootcamp dates to catch-up. But this time of year – We can head outside for fun fitness dates!

Here are three of my favorite ways to head outside, stay fit, and spend quality time with friends or family, all at the same time.

Active Living Outdoor Fitness Activewear San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style


This is a family affaire.

My extended family’s favorite activity is hiking. Our holidays usually begin with a hike – Our favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to all meet somewhere for a hike followed by brunch. I also spent a good chunk of my childhood hiking around Northern California with my parents and brother. And my dog Molly. And on top of all that familial programming, one of my best friends is basically a professional hiker.

As an avid walker, I’m beyond lucky to live in the Bay Area – I can walk to the Golden Gate Bridge, get lost in the Presidio, or wander for hours in Golden Gate Park, just as easily as I can drive to the Marin Headlands or south of the city to a handful of state and national parks.

The options are endless and there’s a walk to be had regardless of how much time I have available and whether I’d prefer roads or trails.


Outdoor Bootcamps:

Regardless of where you live, there’s probably a crop of outdoor bootcamps springing up this time of year.

I regularly see three different bootcamps on my walk home – A kettlebell class on the Embarcadero, a mommy fitness group meeting in the park near Brannan Street Wharf, and a bodyweight HIIT class in the Financial District.

These are great because they offer a variety of styles of workouts – From resistance bands to bodyweight to kettlebells – And usually no membership is required, just a one-time drop in fee when you have time for a class. So take some time and do a little research on your city to see what’s available!

Running Stairs:

While I love running and enjoy a group run on occasion, I’ve found that most of my friends – Even the ultra fit ones – Don’t love running as much as I do. Turns out, there are fitness-minded people and then there are runners, and it would seem that those are two separate though occasionally intersecting groups. 🙂

That being said, however, I have discovered that even people who can’t/won’t go for a long run can appreciate the benefits of stair sprints! Planning an early morning stair run/interval session is always a popular activity this time of year.

Bonus points if you can turn your stair sprints into a HIIT workout! Add a little circuit of jumping jacks, squat jumps, and alternating reverse lunges after each stair sprint.

What’s YOUR favorite healthy outdoor activity?

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Summer Loving | Getting Ready for Summer

Even more so than any other time of year, this one means baring your skin, which has a lot of side effects. You want to feel confident and healthy, you want your skin to glow, and you want to feel like you’re setting off your figure in flattering way that makes you feel great.

Summer Body:

Time to start mixing up your workouts and try something new! If you started 2017 with some workout goals you may notice that you’re starting to plateau right about now.

That means it’s the optimal time to try a new workout or class, mix up your programing, or try an online fitness challenge.

I, for one, switched up my weight lifting program for bodyweight circuits, swimming, running, and a weekly barre class. Not only does this keep my body from plateauing, it keeps me engaged and having fun. And that’s the easiest way to stick to a fitness routine!

Summer Loving Getting Ready for Summer San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Beauty Skin Care FitLife workout

{Image from Spring & Summer Fashions Pinterest Board}

Summer Skin:

With sun, sweat, salt, and water coming your way – You want you skin to be healthy, healthy, healthy going into warmer days.

A lightweight, but effective skin care routine is a must, and you should start auditioning some sunscreen brands for your adventures.

I’ve covered my beauty routine, favorite masks, and travel essentials, so check out the posts below:

Summer Wardrobe:

I have under-bed bins for my warm weather clothes – From swimsuits and cover-ups to skirts, dresses, and sarongs. In the past I’ve chosen classic colors and styles and well-made products, so I can go back to them year-after-year. Striped shirts, floral maxi dresses & skirts, patterned scarves, Jackie-O sunglasses, oversized denim shirts, nude sandals, and wide-brimmed hats are just a few of my staples.

While I’ll rely on my basics for the bulk of my dressing needs, I’ll also add a new piece or accessory or in-style color each season to keep things fresh.

For this season I’m eyeing new espadrille flats, some neutral-hued slides, and a colorful cuff bracelet.

How do YOU approach getting ready for Summer? Any suggestions?

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A Fitness Girl’s Guide to Hair

While I love what working out does for my mind and my body, I don’t always love what it does to my hair. After a few years of daily, and sometimes twice daily workouts, I’ve found some tricks to help keep my hair healthy since perpetual sweat and ponytails aren’t always best.

So here’s my fitness girl’s guide to sweaty gym hair! 🙂

Fit Girls Guide to Hair Beauty Skin Care Products San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Oil: Keeping your ends well moisturized is the key for healthy looking hair. I prefer spray oils and have recently fallen in love with Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture + Coconut Milk Weightless Oil Mist. It smells lovely, but not overwhelming, and each bottle lasts forever since you only need a single spray per use.

Hair Ties: I have torn out more strands of hair than I care to admit by using the wrong hair ties. I’ve tried brand after brand, but didn’t have the Goldilocks moment until I discovered France Luxe. I talked about them a few years ago when I first discovered the brand, and this is still the only brand of ponytail holders that I use. Their Grab & Go Ponies don’t pull out your hair, cause kinks, and last for years!

Dry Shampoo: Dry shampoo is a staple for every gym-lover that I know. Depending on the texture of your hair you may be like me, I can’t wash it daily or it becomes brittle and breakable. This Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk works wonders on my sweaty locks.

Masks: On days when I wash my hair, I like to put a mask on and sit in the sauna or a hot bath for a few minutes. My hair always feels softer and healthier after a good mask. A current favorite is the Phyto Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Mask. I love getting little single packets as well for when I’m traveling!

Every fitness girl has her favorite hair products – What’s YOURS?

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