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Virgin Sport San Francisco | #GoFitYourself

Happy Fitness Friday everyone! I’m here today to share some exciting news! Virgin Sport is coming to San Francisco this Fall for the Virgin Sport San Francisco‘s inaugural three-day Festival of Fitness October 13-15.

The Festival:

This will be Virgin Sport’s first US event and they’ll be galvanizing the community to celebrate local art, music, culture, and fitness. The festival weekend will include everything from food & drink boothes and entertainment to fitness classes and races.

The Events:

For the runners out there, there are two races at the festival that you can sign up for – The Twin Peaks Mile and the SF Bay Half Marathon. They’re taking place on Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th respectively.

The Message:

Dreamt up by Sir Richard Branson and Co-Founder Freddie Andrewes, Virgin Sport was launched, along with CEO Mary Wittenberg, with the goal of combining the fun and adventure of fitness with Virgin’s very own brand of moxy.

Between now and the Festival, Virgin Sport is launching the #GoFitYourself campaign on social media to share their healthy living message and encourage people to get fit and have fun.

Virgin Sport SF Fitness Festival San Francisco Bay Half Marathon Running Runner Race Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

And BONUS – I’ve got a discount for anyone who wants to join the fun in October! Use “LAVIE” and you’ll get $10 off the cost of registration for the SF Bay Half Marathon.

Sigh up here!

I’ll be running the SF Bay Half Marathon but encourage everyone to come out to support the fitness community in the Bay Area regardless of your running capabilities or fitness level.

Since we’ve got a couple of months to go – I’m going to be doing a series of blog posts with Virgin Sport to help us all get ready for the festival. We’re going to cover running, stretching, recovery, and even how to fuel your body for an active life.

So stay tuned!

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2017 Fitness Adventures: MNT Studio & MNT Barre

Between Love Story Yoga, Avant Barre, and Orangetheory Fitness, I’ve had a wonderful time trying out new workout studios this year for my Fitness Adventures series.

This past weekend I attended the MNT Studio launch party with Jill from Champagne for Everyday and Ashley from A Lady Goes West.

The studio formerly known as Mint has re-opened their doors as MNT – Move Nourish Transform. The two-story studio is absolutely stunning – Chic, fun, and welcoming.

Read on for my review of my first MNT class!

MNT Studio Move Nourish Transform Boutique Fitness Studio Yoga Barre Pilates Nutrition San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger FitLife Fitspo Fitspiration

The Low Down:

This class included some of the basic equipment – A ball, band, and light weights. We spent part of the class at the ballet barre in front of the mirror and the other part of it on a mat in the center of the room. The class was fairly fast paced with high repetitions of traditional barre and Pilates movements.

I can assure you – My booty and abs were burning.


Between the muscle burning reps and the bursts of movements acting as cardio, I was sweating from beginning to end and felt like I had gotten a full body workout. Arms, abs, and legs all got some quality attention and most of the moves had multiple variations so that you could find a workout that suited your abilities and desire to push yourself.

MNT Studio Move Nourish Transform Boutique Fitness Studio Yoga Barre Pilates Nutrition San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger FitLife Fitspo Fitspiration

{Jill from Champagne for Everyday and Ashley from A Lady Goes West}


This studio is a Must Try. If not for the amazing classes, at least to get a peek at the decor. I promise you’ll be asking who their decorator is!

I kid.

But real talk – This studio has it all. Yoga, barre, and Pilates classes, as well as an on-staff nutritionist. As you all know, I’m a huge proponent of working out and staying active, but I always remind you that nutrition is a key factor is health. MNT Studio seems to agree with that and offers you the ability to book sessions with their health and wellness coach Molly online.

And, bonus, MNT Studio is on ClassPass!

Are YOU a fan of boutique studios? Or barre?

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2017 Fitness Adventures: Orangetheory Fitness

Trying out new workout studios is a favorite pastime of mine. What’s even better is finding great new fitness spots near my apartment or office. After discovering Avant-Barre down the street from home, I was excited to try out Orangetheory Fitness in the Financial District.

Such a super convenient location. Not only nearby if you’re working in the Financial District, but super close to Embarcadero BART as well!


Fitness Adventures OrangeTheory San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Financial District Fidi Workout Studio

The Low Down:

This HIIT workout, somewhat like Barry’s Bootcamp, pits you against both weight training circuits and strenuous cardio bursts on a rowing machine and treadmill for an hour.

Let’s just say – It’s a killer workout!

It was strenuous, but since you’re moving between parts of the gym after each circuit you get brief reprieves that keep you from tapping out.

Also, if you’re like me, this type of atmosphere really brings out your love of competition and pushes you even further than you planned.


I really enjoyed the space – From the lobby to the gym layout, the studio had a great flow.

What I especially liked about this workout was the shift between different machines and moves. You stay engaged and entertained without getting bored or overly fatigued.


What’s great about these HIIT-style workouts is how customizable they are. Each individual portion of the workout can be adjusted based on your needs, capabilities, and any injury you may have. Can’t do full range push-ups? Go down to your knees. Not able to do 20lbs? Pick up a 5lbs weight instead. Too sore or tired to sprint on the treadmill? You can jog or speed walk. You never have to go harder or faster or heavier than you’re comfortable with.

And while there’s only one instructor for the class, you can mention to them ahead of time any injuries or concerns you have, and they’ll give you some pointers and keep an eye on you during the class.

Have YOU tried a Orangetheory class before?

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April Favorites: Workout Gear

After sharing my favorite healthy(ish) junk food last month – Today I’m going to focus on some of my favorite workout gear brands and products lately.

I like to mix up my workouts and in March and April I made some switches. I tried out the new-t0-me barre studio Avant-Barre, starting swimming, and signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon this is Summer.

April Favorites Workout Gear Activewear Gym FitLife San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Lululemon Adidas Victoria's Secret Sport

{Lululemon’s Tight Stuff, Adidas Neo & Victoria’s Secret Sports Caged Racerback Sports Bra}

Favorite Running Tights: I require two primary things from a pair of running tights – Pockets and a really fitted feel. Since discovering that my life is significantly better {shut up!} with side pockets on my running pants, I’ve tried a few brands. The best, by far, are Lululemon’s Tight Stuff. They’re so good that I have two pairs of the exact same tights.

Favorite Running Tank: I like longer, almost tunic length tank tops for running. They cover my long torso as well as my spandex-covered booty – So they’re a win-win. I adore Lucy’s Revolution Run Racerback Tank. Great quality and super comfortable.

Favorite Running Shoes: I switched over from Brooks to Saucony last year and I’m addicted. I love my Saucony Guide 9’s – They have a good amount of support and work well for street running.

Favorite Pants for Classes: Victoria’s Secret Sport has had a few recent home runs in the workout gear arena. And their Anytime High Rise Leggings is one of those wins. Thick, flattering, and comfortable. What more could a girl want?

Favorite Sports Bra for Classes: Another winner from VS Sport is their Caged Racerback Sports Bra. It’s seriously cute and the perfect low-intensity sports bra for a class with little to no bouncing. I love this style for barre classes!

Favorite Walking Shoes: I switch between my Adidas Neo’s in black and white and my Nike Flyknits for walking to and from work each day. I don’t wear either of these pairs to workout in though, they don’t offer my sad little feet enough cushioning.

What’s YOUR favorite activewear brand? Have a new favorite piece you can’t stop wearing?

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#BeFreeToMove | Lululemon Enlite Sports Bra Launch

I’ve brought up the important of sports bras in the past – Let’s Talk About Sports Bras – And I’m back today to talk about Lululemon’s new Enlite Sports Bra.

I’m a huge fan of Lululemon and of Barry’s Bootcamp, and was thrilled to hear that they were teaming up in the Marina for a little get together to launch the newest brainchild of Lulu – Their years-in-the-making Enlite Sporta Bra.

And what’s the best way to try out a new sports bra? By getting your booty kicked! Enter Barry’s Bootcamp badass Erica who led us all in an intense, sweaty warrior women workout at their Marina location.

Be Free To Move Lululemon Enlite Sports Bra San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Gear Gym Barry's Bootcamp Warrior Women

Be Free To Move Lululemon Enlite Sports Bra San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Gear Gym Barry's Bootcamp Warrior Women

Be Free To Move Lululemon Enlite Sports Bra San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Workout Gear Gym Barry's Bootcamp Warrior Women

{Yes – I’m vein-y. No – I don’t know why I’m smiling while getting my booty kicked!}

Enlight Sports Bra c/o Lululemon

Fast & Free 7/8 Tights c/o Lululemon

Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank Top c/o Lululemon

Wave Inspire 11 Tennis Shoes – Mizuno

I look for different things in different types of sports bras. For running – I want everything strapped down and basically immobile. It’s rarely pretty, but it gets the job done.

For classes and circuit training workouts, my needs are a little different. Comfort is important, and I’ll never turn away something flattering.

Let’s be honest – A little confidence boosting is hardly ever unwanted in the gym!

So this is where we turn to the Lululemon Enlite Sports Bra. It fits like a bra with a flattering silhouette and eye-catching cross-over straps in the back, but it supports like a medium-to-high impact sports bra.

It’s the best of both worlds!

What’s YOUR favorite brand of sports bra? What makes it the best in your mind?

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