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Project Comeback | Activewear Loves

Welcome to my Project Comeback series! If you’ve missed out, you can check out these previous posts: Project Comeback | A Week of Workouts & Project Comeback | What I Eat in a Day. Today we’re here to talk about activewear!

Whenever I amp up my fitness goals, I find that I both want and need new gym gear. When you’re feeling great, you want to show off what you’ve got. And when you’re working out twice a day, you need a lot of gear unless you have time to do laundry on a daily basis!

Here are a few of my current favorite pieces:

Activewear Project Comeback FitLife Fitspo Workout Gym San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Nordstrom Zella Sweaty Betty Reebok Victoria's Secret Sport

{Shoes // Sports Bra // Leggings // Shirt}

Zella All In Vision Leggings from Nordstrom – Zella is a long time favorite of mine. Their gear is comfortable and flattering. These leggings are no exception – Love the little details on the legs.

The Incredible Lightweight Max Sports Bra by Victoria’s Secret SportVS Sport has killer sports bras. I’ve never ordered one that I didn’t end up loving. The Incredible Lightweight Max is just what its name implies. It’s a lightweight, easy to wear piece, but with maximum support. Perfect for HIIT workouts!

Breeze Short Sleeve Run Tee from Sweaty Betty – I’m super picky about my t-shirts because I have a long torso and a shorter tee can end up looking like a crop top. This running tee is cute, goes with everything, and is a good length.

Speed Her TR Training Sneaker by Reebok – I spend a lot of time searching for running shoes. When you’re running races and logging lots of training miles, your shoes are make or break. What I never realized though, was how important shoes for cross training were. These training sneakers provide the perfect platform for weight training or bodyweight circuits.

What activewear is on YOUR must have list? Anything I need to try?

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Fitness Friday | Activewear Essentials

I’m a creature of habit and when I find something that I love, I tend to carry on happily until something jolts me out of my routine. This approach applies to my style, and even more so to my activewear choices. When I like a piece, I buy multiples. Sometimes lots of multiples.

So to celebrate Fitness Friday, I thought I’d share what I’m currently repeating, ad nauseum, at the gym right now.

Activewear Fitspo Fitlife Fitsporation Workout San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger


I am quite devoted to Lucy Activewear tops and was devastated to hear that they were closing their stores. But relieved when I found out that they’re being absorbed into North Face, so I have high hopes that I can still find my favorite tops.

Luckily (Lucily?) I have three of my favorite tank and two of my favorite t-shirt in my at-home inventory right now.


I’m a Lulu leggings girl. While I’m not a huge fan of some of their pieces, the running tights are amazing. I have three pairs of the Tight Stuff Tights and three pairs of the Fast & Free 7/8 Tights for non-running activities.

I’m not weird. You’re weird.

Under Things:

Victoria’s Secret Sport has GREAT pieces for under your favorite gear. I also love Alo Yoga and Adidas. {Check out more of my sports bra favorites here}

I also really like the Fabletics seamless underwear and I have 2-3 of their crop top length sports bras that are comfy, flattering, and functional.


Here’s a quick and dirty run down on some of my favorite little extras and accessories.

Do YOU have any activewear favorites? A piece, or two, you can’t live without?

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July Favorites | Activewear & Fitness Accessories

I tackled a number of different types of workouts and ran a Half Marathon in July, so this Favorites Round-Up is all about the activewear and fitness gear that I loved this month.

Favorite Running Gear:

My love affair with the Lululemon Tight Stuff Running Tights has exceeded a year now… Needless to say, the love is strong. I wear these every time I go running and for every race I run. They’re perfect – The pockets are awesome and they’re endlessly comfortable.

When I find something that I like, I rarely stray. In fact, I’ll often buy multiple pairs of the same thing. Case in point: I have two pairs of Saucony Guide Running Shoes, three pairs of the Lululemon Tight Stuff Running Tights, and four of the Lucy Activewear Racerback Tank Tops. In different colors of course.

For the San Francisco Half Marathon I wore the Lululemon Tight Stuff Running Tights, a black Lucy Racerback Tank Top, green Saucony Guide 10, and a long-sleeved Asics shirt.

Activewear Workout Gear Gym Working Out Running Runner San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Favorite Class Gear:

I’m turning into a bit of a Lululemon junkie and in addition to their Tight Stuff Running Tights, I’m also absolutely loving their Fast & Free 7/8 Tight II. They’re super soft, comfortable, and extremely flattering. Again – It’s all about those pockets

Nordstrom’s Zella brand is another great activewear company and I may or may not have the Zella Pace Tank in multiple colors in my closet.

Favorite New Accessory:

C3Fit Compression sleeves & compression socks. I also wore these for the San Francisco Half Marathon and was really impressed. This is my first experience with compression accessories and I really liked how they made my legs feel during the race as well as after.

Next on my Must Try list? I want to get a fitness watch! Any suggestions?

What activewear tops YOUR list right now? What should I try?

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April Favorites: Workout Gear

After sharing my favorite healthy(ish) junk food last month – Today I’m going to focus on some of my favorite workout gear brands and products lately.

I like to mix up my workouts and in March and April I made some switches. I tried out the new-t0-me barre studio Avant-Barre, starting swimming, and signed up for the San Francisco Half Marathon this is Summer.

April Favorites Workout Gear Activewear Gym FitLife San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Lululemon Adidas Victoria's Secret Sport

{Lululemon’s Tight Stuff, Adidas Neo & Victoria’s Secret Sports Caged Racerback Sports Bra}

Favorite Running Tights: I require two primary things from a pair of running tights – Pockets and a really fitted feel. Since discovering that my life is significantly better {shut up!} with side pockets on my running pants, I’ve tried a few brands. The best, by far, are Lululemon’s Tight Stuff. They’re so good that I have two pairs of the exact same tights.

Favorite Running Tank: I like longer, almost tunic length tank tops for running. They cover my long torso as well as my spandex-covered booty – So they’re a win-win. I adore Lucy’s Revolution Run Racerback Tank. Great quality and super comfortable.

Favorite Running Shoes: I switched over from Brooks to Saucony last year and I’m addicted. I love my Saucony Guide 9’s – They have a good amount of support and work well for street running.

Favorite Pants for Classes: Victoria’s Secret Sport has had a few recent home runs in the workout gear arena. And their Anytime High Rise Leggings is one of those wins. Thick, flattering, and comfortable. What more could a girl want?

Favorite Sports Bra for Classes: Another winner from VS Sport is their Caged Racerback Sports Bra. It’s seriously cute and the perfect low-intensity sports bra for a class with little to no bouncing. I love this style for barre classes!

Favorite Walking Shoes: I switch between my Adidas Neo’s in black and white and my Nike Flyknits for walking to and from work each day. I don’t wear either of these pairs to workout in though, they don’t offer my sad little feet enough cushioning.

What’s YOUR favorite activewear brand? Have a new favorite piece you can’t stop wearing?

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MCLV Style: Activewear & Braids

When a standard week day is a combination of 11 hours at the office, two workouts, and then PJs for dinner and evenings at home, you realize the important of high quality, high performance pieces.

For everything!

Activewear Braids Outdoor Workouts Fitlife Fitspo Fabletics San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Gym Street Style

Tank, Yoga Bra & Leggings – Fabletics

Sneakers – Nike Free 5.0

Activewear Braids Outdoor Workouts Fitlife Fitspo Fabletics San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Gym Street Style

The same way that I have my favorite BCBGMAZAXRIA dresses for the office, I have my favorite leggings, tank tops, and sports bras for the gym. Plus my favorite hairstyle obviously – Braids!

I’m not going to waste time going through my closet trying to figure out what fits right now or what piece could work for TRX versus yoga.

Activewear Braids Outdoor Workouts Fitlife Fitspo Fabletics San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Gym Street Style

{Photography by Garry Alexander}

I’ve spent some quality time closet cleaning in 2016. A LOT of time. And I’ve pared my closet down to the essentials my favorite pieces. I’d say essentials, but I’m pretty sure I’d get push back when trying to claim that 10 pairs of black cropped leggings are essential. Even though I can point out at least one difference in each pair. So I’m not opening the door to that discussion!

I know that I’ve talked about Fabletics before – So here’s {yet} another nearly head-to-toe Fabletics look that is extremely versatile. What’s great about these pieces is that they effortlessly take me from spin to yoga to the trails for a run.

They also, luckily for me, go with a number of hairstyles! I wear a lot of buns at the office, but for workouts – Especially after work and on weekends – I like braids or a high ponytail. Since my hair is so short right now these double braids are perfect since they actually keep my hair out of my face. And – Bonus! – My hair has a super cute wave when I take them out. After a liberal spraying of dry shampoo post-workout of course!

What’s YOUR go-to workout hairstyle? Anything I should try out?

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