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April In Review

When I first started writing this post I couldn’t get passed the title.

April In Review. As in – April is over. The year is almost half over. I mean… Wasn’t I just picking out my New Years Eve outfit and figuring out what cookies to make for Christmas brunch?

Looking back, this year has been a blur – So many fun events, great collaborations, amazing trips, and – Even better – So much more to look forward to in the coming months!


April was especially interesting for MCLV on the sartorial and beauty sides of things. I continued my love affaire with San Francisco boutiques Trendy Mondays and Les Mechantes, got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to preview the new Tiffany & Co. watch collection before it was launched, played dress-up with ghd, and was thrilled to introduce my readers to the vegan, eco-friendly handbag company Urban Expressions.

Retro Jumpsuit Urban Expressions Eco-Friendly Vegan Handbag San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style

{Urban Expressions: Mod Style & Urban Expressions: Retro Jumpsuit}


While I ate pretty darn healthy leading up to my Greek getaway, I ate even better while I was there!

Whole foods, fresh produce, nothing processed, and tons of amazing local olive oils. Even eating out was healthy – Which I only did every other day – With huge, delicious salads, savory bean dishes, and mouth-watering peppers & tomatoes stuffed with seasoned rice.

My goal for May is to keep my Cretan diet in mind when I’m cooking. I recently wrote two posts to help inspire me to stay on track that may help you as well – Healthy Lunch Ideas and How To Stay Healthy At Work.


After a small setback earlier this year I’ve gotten back into the swing of things. Adding more yoga classes and pilates to my weekly workout routine and doing 1-2 shorter runs each week.

Need some inspiration to get yourself healthy and ready for fabulous Spring & Summer trips? Check out:

PraAna Yoga Clothes Workout Gear Spotlight San Francisco Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Yoga Street Style

{Workout Wednesday: Workout Round-Up}


  1. Publish: In April a fun photo shoot that I styled was published in local GEV Magazine.I’ll be sharing the editorial soon!
  2. Move: Long distances were bugging my back this month so I broke up my weekly runs into 3-5 mile segments. I loved getting outside more often so I didn’t really mind the shorter distances!
  3. Grateful: With new babies, weddings, cross-country moves, and other amazing milestones on the horizon for some of my closest friends, I’m reminded just how grateful I am for all of the wonderful women in my life.
  4. Habits: I did a great job in April of saying yes. At the last-minute. Without – GASP – Planning ahead. I have to admit that this is a challenge for me and I’m proud of my progress on this front.

Can YOU believe April is over?

What did YOU accomplish this month that you’re proud of?

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