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September 2014 Round-Up

September 2014 was one for the books!

When I first started thinking about this post, so many ideas and events and fun antidotes came to mind that I didn’t quite know how to narrow it down. Champagne tastings, tattoos, London Fashion Week, shopping events, Giants games, photo shoots… All I can do it hope that October will be half as much fun!

London Fashion Week LFW MBFW CCUOCO Candice Cuoco San Francisco Fashion Catwalk Runway Show


 {CCUOCO SS15 Show}

September 2014 Round-Up


The big news for me from a sartorial standpoint during September was my trip to London Fashion Week for the CCUOCO SS15 Show – An amazing trip, an amazing city, and an amazing show!

I also partnered up with Isabel + Chloe for a giveaway, co-hosted a shopping party at the W Hotel with MDot Boutique, and attended some fun local events & fashion shows during Fashion Month.


Between travel and Q3 coming to a close at the office, it was a hectic month. Sometimes when I’m overwhelmed I’ll turn to convenience foods, but with two juice shops near my office I was in a position to make much better choices this month.

Curious about green juice and the great benefits of juicing? Check out my Project Juice Cleanse post.


I was excited to team up with Bethanimalprint for a fun fitness shoot in Mountain View this month. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out my Fitness Friday: Anywhere Leg Workout and get moving!

Project Juice Cleanse Green Juice Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo

{Project Juice Cleanse}

New October 2014 Goals


Stay tuned for Halloween-apalooza here on MCLV. I love Halloween and was disappointed that my October/November move last year kept me from celebrating so I’ll be going all out this year. Decorations, desserts, costumes & more!

I’m also excited to share the new Fall/Winter 2014 outerwear collection from local designer A by Anubha – You may remember our daytime and nighttime outerwear shoots from last year. Can’t wait to show you the beautiful pieces!


October means one thing over here at MCLV Headquarters. And that one thing is pumpkin. I hoard cans of organic pumpkin year around to slip into recipes, but I try to hold off on the overtly pumpkin-based recipes until this time of year rolls around.

If you’re pumpkin-ly inclined as well, be sure to try these delicious recipes – Pumpkin Biscuits, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars, and Cinnamon Blondies. They’re all vegan, gluten-free, and paleo-friendly!


I was excited to discover that the BodyFi studio across the street from my office has everything from personal training to TRX to Pilates. Stay tuned for a full review of the classes I’ve taken!

Working hard on your own fitness goals for Fall? Be sure to read my The Truth About Working Out post to see if you’re doing everything you can to stay healthy!

Leg Workout Fitness Friday San Francisco Fitness Blogger Nike Workout Gear Lunges Squats Side Lunge

{Fitness Friday: Anywhere Leg Workout}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – TRX baby! I’ve been wanting to give this resistance workout a try for a while and was thrilled with the results.
  2. Publish my writing – With all my travel time in September I went back and reread some of the first stories and books I wrote when I was in my late teens and early twenties. It was really interesting and fun to see how far my writing has come over the years.
  3. Travel – I was thrilled to take my first vacation in a few years and spent a glorious 8 days in London. Next up… Heading back to New York in October!
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – This month I rediscovered my love of mythology and spent hours lost in some new and old favorites like The Power of Myth and Mythology. I’m also getting ready for my 2015 trip to Greece with some language text books. Next step – Open them!
  5. Prioritize friendship – From collaborations with blogging friends to texting chains with college friends, I worked hard to keep up with everyone this month!

How was YOUR September?

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August 2014 Round-Up

When I think about Summertime and those carefree days spent swimming & running around barefoot growing up, August is what I picture. It’s the epitome of Summer in my mind.

Denim Daze San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Saako KatWalkSF

{Denim Daze: Saako}

August 2014 Round-Up


August is the beginning of the transition from Summertime fashion and beauty into Fall. It’s a wonderful mixture of bright colors, moody prints, and bold silhouettes.

Not sure how to get yourself ready? Check out my tips on Fall Lip Colors, How To Wear Denim-on-Denim, and your Blazer Must Haves for this season.


Food was a big priority this month on MCLV and I chatted about Why I Eat The Way I Eat, shared some delicious Healthy Breakfast Recipes, as well as some Healthy Living Tips & Suggestions.


Staying in shape while traveling, vacationing, and enjoying lazy family time during the Summer can be a challenge. Even for me! This month I talked about How To Stay Motivated At The Gym and keep yourself reaching for those fitness goals!

Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Dairy-Free Flourless Healthy Pizza Quick Recipe Healthy Dinner

{Why Do You Eat Like That?}

New September 2014 Goals


I was thrilled to share some of my favorite local Bay Area designers in August – Alyssa Nicole & Lan Jaenicke – And September will bring even more designer updates from MCLV.

I’ll be heading to London Fashion Week with CCUOCO for their LFW debut and teaming up with Style Lend to show you the very best street style that London has to offer!


Between a trip to New York last week and my upcoming London adventure, I’ve got travel and food on the brain. Stay tuned to see what snacks & ready-to-eat foods I pack in my suitcase when I travel and how I stay on top of my health & fitness goals while I’m on the road.


Not only did I get my booty kicked by two more aerial yoga classes this month, but I also tried BodyFi for the first time. I’ve always preferred solitary workouts but I’ve been loving all the classes I’ve tried this year.

Perhaps I’m turning over a new leaf? 🙂

Outtakes Behind The Scenes San Francisco Fashion Blogger Street Style Fitness Friday Beginners Fitness Workout Round-Up San Francisco Fitness Blogger Fashion Food Fitness Lorna Jane Workout Gear

{Workout Motivation}

2014 Bucket List:

  1. Try a new class/physical activity – This month’s new workout adventure was BodyFi. Crosstraining at its finest! 🙂 Stay tuned for a review.
  2. Publish my writing – I was excited to publish pieces for Fashion Xchange Magazine and GEV Magazine this month.
  3. Travel – Checked off trip number two to New York for 2014! It never gets old…
  4. Broaden my educational horizons – I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately {you can check out more on my struggles with insomnia here} so this month I was all about stress reduction & sleep education. I read Say Goodnight To Insomnia and Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar & Survival.
  5. Prioritize friendship – This month my best friend from Junior High & High School got married in a beautiful, funny, moving ceremony followed by a ridiculously fun party. Such an amazing trip!

What did YOUR August include?

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