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Decluttering | Letting go of your Fantasy Self

With my Minimalism Challenge in full swing, I thought I’d dedicate a post to some of the bigger things that I’ve faced. While simplifying my skin care and beauty products was cathartic, some of the other decluttering projects that I’ve tackled have been… More challenging.

Emotional even.

I wasn’t quite prepared to feel those heartstrings tugging when it came to cleaning out my closet. But tug they did. The first pair of designer shoes I ever bought. The handbag that I got at Barneys after getting my very first bonus. The vintage clutch that my grandmother left me when she died. Did I use any of them? Nope. But I found that I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them even though rationally I knew that I didn’t need them.

What I discovered was that there were two categories of items that I had trouble getting rid of during my cleansing project.

The first were items, like the ones I mentioned above, that I had an emotional attachment to. I’m not a very sentimental person, and I don’t tend to hold onto things for the sole purpose of indulging in nostalgia. Ultimately I decided that since I’m not hanging on to yearbooks or prom dresses, I could justify keeping a few things that I had a genuine emotional attachment to even after all the years.

Minimalist Minimalism Minimal Decluttering Fantasy Self San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

The second category was something I hadn’t expected. I had a pair of heels that make my legs look miles long and I just knew would look fabulous with any little black dress. The problem? I don’t wear high heels anymore. {Check out –  The Painful Truth about High heels.} I had a divine poison green strappy bodycon cocktail dress from Diane Von Furstenberg. The problem? I don’t wear bodycon styles AND it was at least a size too small. Maybe two. I also had a pair of low riding, boot cut jeans that I bought when I was 21 and living in Italy. The problem? I rarely wear jeans and when I do they are decidedly not boot cut.

So what did all of these items have in common? They were all part of the fantasy life I’d created in my mind for a fantasy version of myself. I was shopping, and holding onto clothing, for a life I don’t lead. And truthfully, probably never will.

Fantasy me likes to show off her curves and isn’t in excruciating pain when she wears heels and loves to rock low slung jeans on weekends. Who knew?

This really changed my perspective on what to keep and what to hold on to.

Do YOU have a fantasy self? If you had to get rid of one thing that you’ve bought for your fantasy self, what would it be?

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Race Day Essentials | Half Marathon Must Haves

When I finished the SF Half Marathon at the end of July, my fourth race in 12 months, I realized one big thing – Once you have your necessities, race day is a breeze.

So what’s on my essentials list? A little bit of everything actually.

Leggings – I have fallen in love with these Lululemon Athletica Tight Stuff running tights because they’re comfortable AND I’m obsessed with the pockets. With these leggings, I don’t need a running belt or a jacket with pockets. I put my phone on the left, essentials like cash & a gel in the right, and my keys & a chapstick in the back pocket. {Check out more of my favorite workout gear here}

Half Marathon Race Training Runner Running FitLife Fitspo San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

Visor – Even for early mornings I like to wear a visor, despite starting in the dark, you’ll often get a gorgeous – But glaring – Sunrise at some point. And during Fall and Winter it can help with rain and heavy fog as well.

Undergarments – I can’t tell you how much I hate fussing with undies or feeling like I’m not getting enough support up top. It’s distracting and annoying. {As you may have realized during my Let’s Talk About Sports Bras post}

Headphones – Another MUST for me is music while I’m running. I create race day Spotify playlists and must have my headphones.

Bars & Gels – I never eat a full meal before a race, instead I’ll have half of a high sugar bar or a gel on the way to the starting line. Instant energy without a weighed-down feeling. Some of my go to picks are Clif Shots BLOKS, GU Energy Gels, Honey Stinger Waffles, and Vega Protein Snack Bars. {You can find more of my favorites here – Best Vegan Protein Bars}

Hydration – So I’m a bit of a freak in this regard. As I said above, I don’t eat before a race, but I also don’t drink any water. I pre-hydrate in the days before the race and then after the race I’ll pump myself with electrolytes using Nuun Hydration tablets.

Do YOU have any race day essentials?

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Tips to Decrease Stress & Help You Sleep

Winding down at the end of the day used to give me anxiety. As the light faded outside and I knew that bedtime was coming up, I’d start to get tense.

Falling asleep and quieting my mind used to be a huge source of stress and I dreaded going to bed every night.

I’m thrilled to say, however, that is no longer the case. Now I look forward to my wind down and my nighttime routine, and I look forward to getting a great nights sleep.

The only downside to learning these little tricks and developing a routine that you enjoy? You get a little cranky when you stay out too late or mix up your schedule and don’t have time for your routine!

Sleeping Mask Stress Sleep San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger

{Succulent Sleep Mask from ThreeSchatze via Etsy}

My Top Tips to Decrease Stress & Promote Sleep:

  • Turn off electronics & avoid harsh artificial lighting for an hour or more before bedtime
  • Bath/Shower/Sauna/Hot tub can help your muscles release tension
  • Essential oils – Either in the shower or bath, or using a defuser, these can be a great way to create a calm, relaxing space. Eventually you should start to relax as soon as you smell your nighttime scent each day.
  • Meditation & Breathwork – Give it a go! There’s an app or a YouTube video with your name on it. See my tips here.
  • Set a schedule – Rather than waiting until your show ends or until you stop scrolling through Instagram, set a time that you will stop other activities and begin winding down. I set an alarm!
  • Magnesium – I like Natural Calm, but you can also eat magnesium-rich foods with dinner or take a supplement. What magnesium does is help your body lower your cortisol {stress hormone} levels, which has been shown to help you relax and sleep better.
  • Try not to eat for 2 hours before bed. Especially if you have a sensitive stomach, like me, because a full stomach can keep you awake.
  • Keep your bedroom stress free – If you’re in a dorm, shared space, or studio apartment this can be a challenge. Your goal should be to try to keep your sleeping space, or even just your bed, as a calm, relaxing zone. No phones or laptops in bed, no TV, no fighting, no bill paying etc. Keep the stress and worry outside of that space to avoid having those emotions boil up every time you get into bed.

Do YOU have a

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Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials | Fall Edition

Over the last year I’ve been working on simplifying my life and that has meant decluttering my wardrobe. So, with a more minimalist approach to fashion in mind, here’s a peek at my wardrobe essentials for Fall.

I’ve never loved the concept of a “capsule wardrobe,” but in my late twenties and early thirties have learned to appreciate the “quality over quantity” approach to shopping and building a useful closet. There’s no denying that having high-quality, perfectly fitted pieces that can be effortlessly mixed and matched for a given season is a great approach.

It simplifies getting ready, reduces the wasted space of tons of pieces in your closet that you don’t wear, and it allows you to save money that you may have spent chasing a trend or buying fast-fashion pieces that would fall apart in a few washes.

So what are my minimalist essentials for Fall? So glad you asked. 🙂

Minimalist Fall Wardrobe Autumn Capsule San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Shopping

What are the minimalist basics that YOU need for Fall?

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September Favorites | Autumn Preparation

Hello, my name is Caity and I love Autumn.

Perhaps, as a Scorpio, I was destined to love this time of year, but there are so many things to love that I may have gone that way regardless of the date of my birthday.

I love the falling leaves, I love the changing weather, I love breaking out scarves and jackets and boots.

Here’s my Autumn preparation list that I started working on this month to get me ready to enjoy my favorite season in style and comfort.

Seasonal Tea:

My tea drawer still has some of my favorite flavors from last year that I’ve been hording during the off-season, so I’m stoked to finish them off and pick up some new ones.

My favorites are pumpkin spice, candy cane, and gingersnap.

Pumpkin Spice Almonds Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Vegetarian Fall Autumn Favorites San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger



Don’t judge me.

I may not be a traditional basic bitch who loves Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes, but I LIVE for pumpkin recipes.

Check out my Yummy and Fall Pinterest Boards for some inspiration and stay tuned on IG Stories for some pumpkin recipe attempts starting this week!

Here are a few {vegan, gluten-free, paleo} recipes that I’m dying to try:

Scented Candles:

While peppermint is one of my favorite scents and I use it year-around in my favorite diffuser, I always look forward to candy cane candles coming out this year of year.

And evergreen.

And gingersnap.

Want to see some of my previous favorites? Healthy Junk Food, Workout Gear, Skin Care Products, Healthy Recipes, Activewear, and Healthy Essentials.

How do YOU get ready for Fall? Any traditional Autumn preparations going on in your house?

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