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Best Vegan Protein Bars

While I will always take a meal of whole foods over a bar, sometimes protein bars are a quick & easy option you can’t beat. If you’re hiking, running, backpacking, running errands, traveling, etc – Bars can save your life. I always keep them in my desk, purse, and apartment just in case. And I’ve been known to indulge in one in lieu of dessert when I’m trying to hit macros.

So, in no particular order, here are some tasty, protein-rich vegan protein bars that you might enjoy trying out.


No Cow Bar:

  • 22g protein & 1g sugar
  • All natural, non-GMO
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Favorite Flavor – Lemon Meringue Pie {YUM!}
  • Taste & Texture – They’re chewy and filling, and I love the lemon and the chocolate peanut butter flavors

Vegan Protein Bars Gluten-Free Vegetarian San Francisco Bay Are Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger No Cow Bars Rise Bars

Simply Protein Bar:

  • 15g protein & 1 g sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Favorite Flavor – Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Taste & Texture – These are light and almost rice crispy-ish. Filling but not overwhelmingly so.

Clif Builders Bar:

  • 20g protein & 21g sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • Favorite Flavor – Mint Chocolate, we fight over this flavor in my house
  • Taste & Texture – This is basically dessert. With just as much sugar. I only allow myself these babies on running days since I’ll have earned my sugar!

GoMacro Macrobar:

Rise Protein Bar:

  • 15g protein & 12g sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan, Soy & Gluten-Free
  • Favorite Flavor – Lemon Cashew {Note: some of this brand’s bars use whey protein so if you’re sensitive to lactose be sure to check the ingredients}
  • Taste & Texture – Similar to a Larabar in texture and ingredient lists. Very simple & delicious.

My top suggestion when you’re choosing your protein bars is to look at the amount of sugar that it contains. Most of the varieties that you’ll find in your local drug store are going to be low on protein and high on sugar. So be sure to check ingredients and nutritional stats to make sure that you’re getting enough bang for your buck.

What are YOUR favorite protein bars? Do you have one that I need to try?

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MCLV Style: Longline Vest

In case you missed it – BCBG is closing all of its stores. I happened upon this little development while wandering through Union Square. I saw a 40%-60% sale sign in the window and left an hour later with six dresses and this vest.

BCBG dresses are my favorite and I’m devastated to lose that shop on Union Square. But luckily their goodies will still be available online and in department stores!

While I made a beeline for the dresses, knowing what I like and what works for me, I got derailed by this vest. More specifically, the lady helping me with the dressing room was wearing it in black and pointed out the camel version while we were trekking across the shop.

Love at first sight!

Camel Sleeveless Vest Longline Stripes San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Timex BCBGMaxAzria

Camel London Long Seamed Vest – BCBGMaxazria

Black & White Striped Tee – Alexander Wang

Black Skinny Jeans – Jolt by Nordstrom

Rose Gold Watch c/o Timex

Camel Sleeveless Vest Longline Stripes San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Timex BCBGMaxAzria

{Photography by J. Villarete Photography}

Camel Sleeveless Vest Longline Stripes San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Timex BCBGMaxAzria

I loved the black version, but since most of my Spring clothes are lighter hues or prints, I thought this camel one would be more versatile for the season between coats and short sleeves.

What really struck me about this style is the versatility. Working with interesting silhouettes and lengths are both great ways to mix up your wardrobe. Add a longline vest over a dress and pumps for a modern take on a classic style or give your skinny jeans and striped tee a little oomph like I did here.

Do YOU have a longline vest in your wardrobe? What’s your favorite way to style it?

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MCLV Style: Rose Gold Timex

Before I start raving about this killer rose gold Timex watch, I want to share a little story about my watch-wearing background.

I love watches. I think they’re a classic wardrobe staple for both men and women. They’re a great way to help define your sartorial style at a glance. And they’re also fun to switch up from season to season. I think of them like sunglasses – You have your go-to piece, but keep a stash of options for when you’re in the mood to switch things up.

But you know what? I don’t wear a watch. I haven’t for years.

I have watches. But I don’t wear them. I still have the Brighton watch that my Uncle got me when I was a teenager in my jewelry box. I still have the cuff bracelet-watch that I bought on Via del Corso when I lived in Rome in my early twenties.

So why don’t I ever wear watches? For years, whenever I wore a watch, it would stop running. Almost immediately. I replaced the battery on one three times in a month and it just kept dying. So I got out of the habit of putting one on in the morning.

Camel Sleeveless Vest Longline Stripes San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Rose Gold Timex

Fairfield Rose Gold Watch c/o Timex {Similar styles here from Asos and here from Zappos}

Camel Sleeveless Vest Longline Stripes San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style Rose Gold Timex

{Photography by J. Villarete Photography}

Needless to say, I’m thrilled to start wearing this fabulous rose gold Timex on the regular. It’s currently in my work jewelry case so I’ve been wearing it a couple of times a week at the office.

While I like delicate watches, this one is great because it’s like a bracelet. Perfect for stacking if you’re building an arm party or for wearing solo to make a classic statement. It’s also a really lovely rose gold shade that’s perfect for mixing with yellow-gold or silver.

How do YOU feel about watches? Do you wear one on a daily basis?

Note: This blog post was sponsored by Timex, however my opinions are my own.

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MCLV How To: Traditional Cocktail Attire

I have to confess that I get a strange little jolt of anxiety when I read an invitation that says “traditional cocktail attire.”

Does that happen to anyone else?

And truthfully, I don’t know why… I have been, for the most part, successfully dressing myself for many years now. But it seems that at the very least my subconscious is still concerned that I’m going to show up looking utterly inappropriate for an event.

I get sartorial anxiety. Clearly I have issues.

So, in case anyone else is in this same boat, I thought I’d tackle the age-old conundrum – What should I wear?

In my book, there are four main categories of appropriate cocktail attire.

(1) TraditionalCocktail Dress

Whether you’re going for a classic little black dress, a retro-inspired wrap dress, or something with a little glitz and glamour, a cocktail dress is an easy go-to for these events.

Simple and safe – This is a good option for more traditional hosts or locations.

Cocktail Attire Dress Code San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

(2) Modern Lady Suit

If you’re not a dress lady, don’t force yourself into a look you’re uncomfortable with. A suit, or a matching pant and blazer combo with a chic top, is always okay at a party with a cocktail dress code.

The key is to keep the look clean, well-tailored, and classic.

(3) Preppy ClassicSkirt & Top

Bored with your LBDs? Pair a pencil, tea length, or A-line skirt with a shell, sweater, or simple top and blazer combo. It can be sweet and feminine, preppy, or edgy depending on your choice of silhouettes and textiles.

This style offers you more room for self-expression and a chance to have some fun with your look. But be sure to keep your glam on the same level as the ladies around you with killer heels, a bold red lip, or some eye-catching statement jewelry.

(4) Fashion ForwardJumpsuit

Jumpsuits are becoming more and more of a staple for events and red carpets these days. Gone are the days of women-must-wear-dresses.

They key to pulling off this look and meeting that dress code is going for solid colors over prints, keeping the accessories fairly classic, and making sure that you’re fit is impeccable.

This is a good look to try for a cocktail party hosted by a younger crowd or located at a trendy new hotspot.

What’s YOUR go-to cocktail attire style?

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Eat This Not That | Food Swaps

Whether you’re eating out at a restaurant or cooking in the comfort of your own home – There’s usually a way that you can make some healthier choices and swaps for a recipe.

So, with that in mind, welcome to the first edition of Eat This Not That – Food swaps for the healthfully-minded!

Eat This Not That Fruit Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Vegetarian San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Recipes

My Top Five ‘Eat This Not That’ Tips

  1. Fresh salsa over bottled hot sauce – If you want to add a flavorful kick to your meal, try topping it with salsa instead of a sodium-packed bottled hot sauce.
  2. Hummus instead of sour cream. It can add a creaminess and delicious flavor to dishes that call for sour cream. Note: This swap is probably best for savory dishes, I’m not sure how a raw hummus cheesecake would work out… 🙂
  3. You should try to choose whole fruits rather than sugar-filled juices. It’s easy to get lured in by the promise of fresh-squeezed juice, but the fiber in the fruits themselves help your body deal with the influx of sugar. Without the whole fruit, you can get a fairly significant sugar spike in your blood sugar from juice.
  4. Fruit or veggies for dipping instead of crackers or chips. Whether you’re dipping into hummus, nut butter, or Ranch dressing – Try some produce in lieu of your usual salty treat.
  5. Have you tried cauliflower rice? If not, I highly recommend it. Cauliflower is easy to work with, can be bought pre “riced,” and is really versatile. Cauliflower oats, fried cauli rice, and mashed “potatoes” are great, nutrient-filled, healthier options than their original iterations.

Stay tuned for some more suggestion and ideas to healthify {that’s totally a word, I swear} your life!

What’s YOUR favorite food swap in the kitchen?

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