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Fall 2013: Beauty Essentials

After we looked through all the Fall 2013 Fashion Must Haves and got inspired for Fall Fashion it seems only natural that we check out all the fabulous beauty essentials and trends for this coming season.

Be Bold:

Dramatic, eye-catching hues are on my Must Have list for this Fall and Winter. That will certainly include boldly colored nails {think navy and oxblood} as well as deep berry pouts.



{Left: Butter Nail Polish in Royal Navy & Right: L’Oreal Infallible Le Gloss 8 Hour Lipgloss in Glistening Berry}

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Fall Skin Care:

You may think that the sun, salt, and water during the warm weather months are tough on your skin but dry, cold air can be just as harsh so be sure to exfoliate, moisturize, and give your skin & tresses some much-needed TLC this Fall.


{Left: Origin’s Smoothing Ginger Body Scrub & Right: L’Oreal Youth Code Day/Night Cream}

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Smooth It Out:

Before you start painting on the color this Fall you’ll need to have the perfect canvas to work with – Clean, smooth, healthy-looking skin requires exfoliation, moisturizer, and smoothing on a glow-inducing tinted moisturizerBB Cream, or foundation.


{Left: Dior Hydra Life Tinted Moisturizer & Right: NARS Multiple Makeup Stick}

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If you’re interested in my daily beauty routine & the products that I restock time-after-time, check out these related posts: MCLV’s Makeup Bag, MCLV’s Medicine Cabinet & MCLV’s Handbag.

What’s on your Must Have list for Fall?

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Beauty Essentials: Blogger Interview – Beth Animal Print

Tomorrow is the Summer Soiree at The Beauty Company so I hope all you Bay Area locals have RSVPed! If not, you can RSVP here AND sign up for a manicure time slot.
Today my lovely co-host for this event, Bethann of Beth Animal Print, is here to share some of her beauty essentials – From her favorite skin care goodies to make-up recommendations to hair care products she swears by.
Favorite 3 skin care products & why you love them?
  1. Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream – I mean, did you read the name? What is not to love? It’s like you went to a toning a firming class for your skin each morning!
  2. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye – I love because it reduces dark circles over night making the whole eye area brighter and younger-looking.
  3. Supergoop Anti-Aging Eye Cream – Not only does this have an amazing cooling applicator, but also has light-diffusing mica on its list of beneficial ingredients which instantly erases the look of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces my seemingly chronic dark circles
Favorite 3 makeup products & why you love them?
  1. Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Liner – This will last all day and is so smooth that application is fool-proof. You’d have to apply this with a hairbrush to mess it up.
  2. Kiehl’s BB Cream – This is light and provides a shocking amount of natural looking coverage, plus it is SPF 50 which prevents all sorts of havoc from happening.
  3. I don’t have a signature scent, but I do have a signature mascara. Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara lends the length and definition that really comes close to replicating falsies. It’s deserves the hype.
[3.] Favorite 3 hair products & why you love them?
  • Shu Uemura Illuminating Shampoo – It smells like a dainty rose, but is a powerful frizz fighter that leaves hair about as glossy as Giselle’s.
  • Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum – Is a fantastic travel companion due to its size and it’s ability to lock out frizz in any climate.
  • Olive Oil – My hair is think and coarse and I have found that soaking it in Olive Oil for 10 min. once a week quenches its thirst quite nicely.

Hope to see everyone at tomorrow’s event!

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Beauty Essentials: Blogger Interview – So You Agree

I have all sorts of fabulous news to share today!

In case you didn’t hear, I’ll be helping host a fabulous beauty soiree this Tuesday so if you’re in the Bay Area please stop by for some killer giveaways, gifts w/ purchase, bubbles, and cupcakes!

You can RSVP here AND sign up for a manicure time slot in advance to make sure hat tyou get some quality time w/ the ladies of Floss Gloss.


I’m also thrilled to announce that to get us in the mood for Tuesday’s beauty-palooza today the lovely Donna of So You Agree, one of my co-hostesses for the event, is here to share some of her favorite skin care, make-up, and hair care products.



Favorite 3 skin care products & why you love them?

  1. Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer w/ White Tea & SPF 25 Age-Defense – So that’s technically two, I know, but they go hand in hand. I’ve been using these within my daily routine for as long as I can remember. SPF in the AM and antioxidant before bed. I love the smell, it doesn’t make my skin feel oily and  it helps to work against wrinkles. Win-win!
  2. Jergens Daily Tanner – Clearly, we are getting an unusual amount of sun right now. Typically, I have what I call a fog tan, which is nothing. So I like to use this daily lotion that has a bit of tanner in it. I use it about 2-3 times a week. It goes on easily and doesn’t leave streaks, no teriyaki smell and is pretty inexpensive!
  3. Makeup Remover Wipes – I can not sleep with makeup on, it just grosses me out. So I always use make up wipes in my before bed routine. I love how this works easily to remove everything, doesn’t sting the eyes and doesn’t dry out my skin.
Favorite 3 makeup products & why you love them? 
  1. Benefit Brow Kit – I just recently fell in love with filling my brows in, this kit is so compact and easy to use it’s pretty dummy proof. I like that they have different shades so it’s easy to match with my natural color.
  2. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara – I’ve tried tons of different mascaras because I wasn’t blessed with long lashes, from high-end to the low drugstore brands and have found this to be the best for my tiny lashes. It makes my lashes look so full and doesn’t clump.
  3. Mac Brushes – I always tell girlfriends, it doesn’t matter what make up you use if you are using great brushes. I love my Mac brushes, they work so well and are fool-proof because I am no make up expert. Twice a year they sell sets which can get anyone started at a good price.
Favorite 3 hair products & why you love them?
  1. Pssst Dry Shampoo – I live by this product. I have so much hair that washing and blow drying it daily just isn’t an option. Psst smells great and works amazingly, it never leaves my hair with the white color or dries it out.
  2. CHI Straightener – This is the best straightener there is, period. You can also use it for curling hair which is awesome and it heats up so quickly. Also, it auto turns off after 30min if it’s plugged in which I need because I can be forgetful when I’m running late.
  3. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deeeep Conditioner – Having so much hair that is naturally wavy, I apply a ton of heat to it daily. I love using the 3 minute miracle once every other week to give it that little oomph. It leaves my hair so soft, feeling healthy and smelling great.
So tell me… What are YOUR favorite products?
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Join Me For a Night of Beauty

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be co-hosting a fabulous beauty event at The Beauty Company with the lovely Bethann of Beth Animal Print, Donna of So You Agree, and the ladies over at Floss Gloss next Tuesday.

What’s in it for you, you ask?



* Be.Spoke gift basket * One month of Floss Gloss manicures at Beauty Company * Bumble & Bumble gift basket * One month of unlimited airbrushing at Beauty Company * 3 month membership to Studiomix *

So if you’re in the Bay Area please join us on Tuesday, July 16th for a night of beauty, bubbles, and prizes galore! We’ll be at The Beauty Company  from 6pm to 9pm – 2325 Polk Street in Russian Hill between Green and Union.

Please RSVP over at Eventbrite – You can even pick a time slot for a $10 manicure with Floss Gloss! 🙂

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Beauty Essentials

Tis the season for complexion issues – From sunburns to flaky, dried skin to sunscreen & oil induced blemishes – Summer can be rough on your skin. And since taking care of your face is extra important this time of year I’d like to share some of my skin care & beauty essentials as well as some great tips & recommendations that some of my favorite beauty experts highly recommend.



A good moisturizer is a must during warm weather months and if you use it religiously you’ll keep your skin soft and manageable all Summer long. My current favorite is Clarins Extra-Firming Night Cream which feels great when you slather it on and you wake-up with your skin feeling great.


My number one go-to product during the Summer is an exfoliating scrub – I love the feeling of fresh, clean skin. And while I’ve tried many many brands, I always go back to the natural and amazing Yu-Be Exfoliating Skin Polish. It’s the Little Black Dress of exfoliating – A classic. 🙂


BB Cream:

At this point I don’t think that we can claim that BB Cream is just a fly-by-night trend, it seems to be here to stay. With so many choices & brands out there, I’ve found myself trying new ones from time to time, but my favorite so far is Dior Hydra Life BB Crème. It goes on light but is quite effective, which is perfect for the warm-weather months.

Below are some great pieces from around the blogosphere featuring well-loved beauty & skin care products as well as tips for great Summer skin.


What are YOUR beauty essentials to keep your skin healthy & glowing for the Summer months?

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