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Bethanimalprint: Post-Pregnancy Tips

Welcome to part III of the Bethanimalprint interview series on pregnancy. Since she was such an inspirational and fashionable mother and mother-to-be, I thought some of the lovely women in my audience would enjoy hearing some of her wisdom on fashion, food, and fitness during the three stages of pregnancy.

You catch up on her Pre-Pregnancy Tips and Mid-Pregnancy Tips, and read a few more fashion, food & fitness tips below!


One thing that I’ve especially loved from your baby-related social media and blog updates is that you’ve managed to keep some key wardrobe staples throughout. Do you have a favorite piece or brand that was able to see you comfortably and stylishly through all of the stages?

It’s hard to pick a favorite because different pieces/brands filled different needs. I loved Isabella Oliver and Ingrid and Isabel for staples I could wear to work. PinkBlush is great for trendier off-duty duds that are super affordable. If nothing else, a great pair of leggings and one nice maternity dress are two pieces every pregnant woman needs to have!

Bethanimal Post Pregnancy Tips San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{Fitness After Baby #2}

I LOVED reading that you’re keeping yourself well-fed after pregnancy, prioritizing breast-feeding Gunnar over societal and media pressure to immediately start dieting and exercising. Can you give us some background on your thought process here and why you’re approaching things like this?

After I had our daughter, I lost my baby weight and then some too quickly and ended up losing my milk supply. I was disappointed I was only able to breastfeed for 3 months so this time around I vowed to slow down a bit. I’m still working out and eating healthy, but I listen to my body and I don’t over do it. I know I’ll have plenty of time to work on getting 6-pack abs once Gunnar is done nursing.

Bethanimal Post Pregnancy Tips San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Street Style

{Santa Monica Pier Pictures}

Walking, especially as a family, is such a great way to not only get moving post-pregnancy, but also so you can bond as a unit. Do you have any other fitness-related recommendations for women who are starting to think about getting out and about?

Mommy-and-me yoga and swimming has been a great way for me to bond and get moving with both kiddos!

Now let’s here from all of your mommies out there. Tell all the new and future moms out there what YOUR best post-pregnancy tips are below!

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Bethanimalprint Interview: Pregnancy Tips

After sharing the first post in this three-part pregnancy series with Bethann of Bethanimalprint, we’re back to share part two – Pregnancy Tips.

Namely, some healthy and feasible ways to approach fashion, food & fitness during the course of your pregnancy. It’s not a seamless transition, nor is the process going to be effortless, but with an expert like Miss Bethann in your corner, we’re hoping to make things a little bit easier for you.

Pregnancy Tips Bethanimalprint San Francisco Bay Area Fashion Food Fitness lifestyle Blogger Street Style


  • Favorite style or easy-to-pull off sartorial twists you’d recommend for ladies coming to terms with their bumps?

Showing off your bump is half the fun! I gravitate to non-maternity styles that are a little looser like this dress. Free People is great for pieces like that! Anything that can be worn throughout pregnancy and after is a win as long as it’s comfortable!

  • Did you have a go-to recipe during your latest pregnancy? I know cravings are different for every woman, but I’m sure you have some great quick midweek meal ideas that would save time & energy for expectant moms.

Being a creature of habit, I could eat the same thing everyday for weeks, sometimes even months, before getting sick of it. This pregnancy I had egg whites, fruit and turkey bacon for breakfast. Lunches and dinners had more variety in that I would scrounge up whatever I could at the office most days. Avocado rolls were a favorite.  

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  • You kicked booty in the gym throughout your pregnancy, though I’m sure your workouts changed as your body did. How do you recommend changing your workout regime to keep yourself healthy & fit, without exhausting a growing body too much?

I’m no expert here, I just listened to my body and modified accordingly. I did a lot of spin, barre and yoga. I had to give up spin in the third trimester when I couldn’t pedal without my knees splaying outwards (not good!).

Do YOU have a burning question you’d like to ask?

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Bethanimalprint Interview: Pre-Pregnancy Tips

With an increasing number of friends, family, and colleagues heading down the family path, I thought it was time to do an interview with an amazing blogger friend who can answer some of the questions people have been posing – Bethann of Bethanimalprint.

Bethann is a fashion & lifestyle blogger that I’ve known for years offline, and who just had a son, bringing her beautiful family to an even four.

Having gotten to know her after her daughter was born, watching her get into killer shape {I mean, the abs on this woman!}, and then getting the opportunity to see her style and health evolution through her second pregnancy, I thought she’d be a great source for some real-life tips for surviving your pregnancy with your sanity, and health, in tact.

In this three-part series, she’ll be chatting about her approach to fashion, food, and fitness while trying to get pregnancy, during her pregnancy, and as she’s breastfeeding and recovering from the birth of her son.

  • You just had beautiful baby number two, who was planned, any healthy eating tips for hopeful mom’s while they’re trying?

Pre-Pregnancy Tips Healthy Living San Francisco Bay Area Los Angeles Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Healthy Snacks Recipes

{What’s On My Plate: Fruits & Veggies}

The less stress the better for mamas-to-be and babies. Eat what makes you feel your best, but don’t lose sleep over it. (You’ll need all of the sleep you can get!)

  • Did you alter your workout regime when you and Banker started thinking about expanding your family? You can read so many different suggestions online from “experts” about what to do and what not to do, but I’m curious how you approached fitness.

I was working out a few times per week until I became pregnant. After conceiving, I worked out less frequently due to fatigue and stopped doing strenuous abs exercises or anything that might be dangerous to our little guy!

Pre-Pregnancy Tips Healthy Living San Francisco Bay Area Los Angeles Fashion Food Fitness Lifestyle Blogger Healthy Snacks Recipes

{7 Maternity-Friendly Exercises}

  • Do you have any favorite blogs or websites that you loved reading for tips & recommendations during your pregnancy?

I love Fitnessista who has 2 children as well. She has lots of helpful tips for mamas and mamas-to-be!

Do YOU have any questions for Bethann about pregnancy?

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