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Every year around my birthday I like to do a little reflecting. Last year it was about life in your Twenties vs Thirties {Hint – I’m pro thirties!} and the year before it was a Birthday Wisdom post on lessons learned.

So what am I going to ramble on about this year as I’m ringing in my birthday? The most important thing actually…


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In a consumer-driven and internet-centric world that reinforces ‘wants’ and ‘should haves,’ its easy to let your day-to-day happiness be based on what you have or don’t have. The latest clothes. The newest phone. The best car.

This past year has included some personal shifts not only in mentality but in where I choose to focus my energies.

Doing fewer things just for the sake of doing them. Stopping to smell the roses. Both figuratively and literally. And taking time to work on my own personal inner growth & happiness.

What does that mean?

Making time for the people who make me smile. Making time for activities that make me breath deeply. Making time for silence and quiet.

Yoga, running, meditation, and reading my favorite inspirational authors on a weekly basis have all been life changing. Even if I don’t have time for a full yoga class, which I rarely do, I’ll do a 10 minute Tara Stiles video on YouTube. Can’t sit quietly for 30 minutes each night? I’ll do a 5 minute guided Kundalini meditation before bed. Don’t have the time or energy for a 30 minute run? 10 minutes of stairs is the perfect head-clearer. I mean, can you think about your To Do List while you’re trying to keep your balance and not miss a step?

So, in summary, my biggest lesson for this past year was to turn INWARD to find happiness. Do I love getting a new handbag? Obviously. Do I look forward to date night? Yup! But not only do I not rely on those things to fulfill me, but I can enjoy them more since I’ve already found my happiness. They’re icing on the cake!

So tell me – What makes YOU happy?

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Birthday Wisdom

My friend Holly’s recent birthday post got me thinking… While I’m a big fan of birthdays and celebrations of any kind – I mean, why not celebrate? – It’s always different when it’s your own birthday. After a certain point birthdays stop being a carefree day for cake & presents, and they start to represent time marching on, unrealized dreams, and paths that diverged from their original intent.

Last year I celebrated my birthday surrounded by friends & family in Sonoma – And while it was an amazing weekend it seems like a LIFETIME ago. So much has changed in my life that I almost don’t know how to wrap my head around it.

So this year, rather than focus on what’s different or what I haven’t done yet, I’m going to pour all my analytical energies into celebrating. Celebrating my accomplishments. Celebrating all my dreams that have come true. And celebrating the wonderful, exciting, opportunity-filled future.

Here’s a little birthday wisdom paired with some of my favorite looks from this past year!


{One highlight was working with Kamryn Dame Jewelry – Gorgeous pieces & a fun, amazing founder – What more could you want?}

Loving Life:

I live in a great apartment in a city that I just can’t get enough of. I have a challenging, interesting job and spend each day surrounded by intelligent, hard-working people. I have a fun side project that brings me joy & ignites my passions on a daily basis. And to top it all off, every day I’m surrounded by supportive, loving, amazing people.

Goal: To stay positive and to be grateful every day for what I have. No good can come from looking at the past or focusing on what hasn’t happened yet, all I can do is approach my life with positivity & be excited for what the future holds.


{It was an HONOR to meet & start working with the fabulous & talented Lydia Hudgens this year – Striped Dress}

Being Hopeful:

The past few months have seen a number of my life-long bucket list items getting checked off. I’m in raptures over my new apartment and looking forward to some fun decorating projects. And to top things off, I’ve had the honor of working with some of my favorite brands, bloggers, and photographers over the past year.

If all of my personal & professional successes and accomplishments this year are any indication of the course of the next year, I can’t wait to get started.

Goal: Rather than let setbacks and speed bumps derail my trajectory, I will learn from my mistakes and keep marching forward.


{One of my favorite collaborations this year was with local San Francisco jeans company Sonas Denim – Supporting a killer start-up, giving away a pair of their jeans, and getting to know the family behind the company was a definite highlight of 2013. Check out the How To Wear White Jeans series for more – Nighttime, Formal & Dayttime}

Lessons Learned:

Sometimes a lesson is so poignant that you feel compelled to share it, and looking at the past year one of the most important things that I learned was about the people in my life. My lesson can be boiled down to this – Life is short, don’t waste a single precious moment on unworthy people.

Letting things – Or people – Go has never been a strength of mine, but I learned the sanity-saving value of this over the past year. You can’t change people, you can’t force them to fit into your life, and you can’t do a single thing about their actions. All you can do is lead the best life that you possibly can, whether that means distancing yourself from bad friends, letting go of people who aren’t worthy of your time, or moving on from toxic relationships.

Harder said then done, yes, but your life will be infinitely better and more positive without negative, anxiety-inducing relationships.

Goal: Learn to let go. If someone – Or something – Doesn’t improve & enrich my life I will stop trying to hold on. I know my value and I know what I deserve, and I will accept no less!

What are YOUR birthday lessons? Have you learned anything important in the last year?

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